Sunday, November 25, 2012

and by the end of the day...

I saw a photo of myself, and didn't recognise me because I look 'normal', not the hugely, morbidly obese shape I still think that I am...

Despite the rain we trekked over to the garden centre to see the Reindeer and Huskies, then back and hung about the green until the light switch-on at 5pm. The kids shared a couple sticks of candy floss, and whizzed about on the fairground rides. £20 it cost for them to all have 2 rides and whirled sugar crap, Oy!

Got home and saw that my dad had put photos on facebook, looked at this one for a few seconds, before wondering who that was standing with Seth (green hat) - then clocked Anya holding... my (?)... hand. Is that ME? That normal looking person?! WOW.

Having seen the photo and taken in the body without judging 'me', I can really see how well I am doing physically. I am really, really thrilled that I look so 'right' - I'm standing straight, I look healthy and fine. There's no reason to think anything at all about that person. ^_^

I avoided eating any of the foods about - even the Hog Roast. Even the toffee apples. EVEN THE ARTISAN BREADS. Oh my, how I would have gone for those a few months ago!

Got home, bathed the mucky halflings and washed coats etc.. once Sam got home I felt KNACKERED. He brought chocolate, and I ate lots. Within my points, I made it dinner, and used remaining 9 that I'd saved as I didn't see anything special while out. An hour later and I had sugar crash, so with Sam's nudging, set out for a run.

All better ^_^ I feel really good for it, have had a bath and feel all looked after and nicely sleepy. Headed to my grandma's tomorrow, with the girls. Hoping that she will be less disappointed with me than usual, but if not, *I* am thrilled with me regardless, so that'll do. My nan likes to make jokes about my size, and then berate me for not eating the buffet lunch stuffs that she offers - hoping that having the wheat intolerance diagnosis will mean that she sees it as me having to decline, rather than slighting her. Will see soon enough!

29/29 ProPoints
1.5 litres
walked/ran - 6.8 miles


  1. wonderful...even after 3 years...I am still shocked when I see pictures of myself. Weird, isn't it? Keep up the good work. I will be following along.

  2. Joy - you are amazing :-)

    I'm seriously considering the c25k myself!!! I don't run! Anywhere!