Thursday, November 01, 2012

Autumn walks

Today was a fairly bright day, and the kids looked a lot less snotty than they'd been, so we headed out for a walk.

I've been getting email newsletters from the Woodland Trust's Nature Detectives site for a while, to do nature based activities with the kids, but until recently hadn't really used it. We printed out the leaves and seeds identification sheets, pulled our boots on and headed out.

Stomping in puddles and collecting leaves in bags, stopping and looking at the things we rush past usually, we all had a great time. Came back muddy and cold and needing hot chocolate, I chucked the kids in the bath while clearing up and put on a film to watch together. It was just a NICE day. The kind of day that makes me feel like it should always be this simple, this free, this happy.

A day where food/activity worries didn't exist. I was too busy being a mum, playing and learning with my babies.

I *should* have gone for a run, but ended up in my new fleece PJs, on the floor, sticking leaves into an album.. I'll let myself off. ^_^

walked 4.59 miles

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