Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Back into the term time routine

Despite home educating all four of my halflings, the school year does affect us quite a bit now. In holidays we not only have no beavers/rugby/swimming groups, but also our usual haunts are busy. Avoiding soft play and museums is standard because they are so busy. Ticketed stuff is good though - the cinema puts on £1.75 showings every morning during school holidays.
I quite like my regular term routine though, it keeps a rhythm to what we do, and means I have to think about it less, ha!

Last nights' welcome back bonfire party with the Beavers and Cubs was awesome. 'Swam up' three of our Beavers to Cubs,and had 4 Bronze awards presented (the Chief Scout awards are the highest 'level' badge you can get in Scouting groups, Bronze for Beavers, Silver for Cubs...etc). The kids made firework pictures, made Guys for the bonfire, and sat singing campfire songs with hot chocolate and marshmallows. Seth got quite upset because one of his friends moved up to cubs, so got in a big snuggle with him at the end, poor love.

Today Rugbytots started back. I've had in mind to stop at the end of this term, when Kai is a full year over the upper limit age wise. The group is for 3.5-5yr olds, and he will turn 6 in two months time. He was so glad to be back, he LOVES the group and I'm hoping that he'll have as much fun at Beavers when he starts. Spent a lot of the session running about with him, his excitement meant a LOT of swirling stimming today, and though he looked like he was on another planet, he was listening to the coach. Every time the whistle went, Kai would complete the routine he'd been asked for.

After rugby we went to Sam's mums house for dinner, that means spending 3-4 hours sitting and watching the kids play xbox. I always feel a bit annoyed at the wasted time. I'm not getting anything 'done' and it makes me feel jittery. I could be going for a run, or a walk with the kids, or doing housework. As it is I sit and do nothing, the kids veg in front of a screen and fight. Dinner is nice though, we get to chat a bit together, and it's really nice to not have to have cooked. At dinner I took a chicken leg and removed the skin, then filled my plate with veg. :)

Missed my run tonight as we got back late, and by the time the kids were settled it was 2230. Hoping that I'll get a good gym tomorrow, and an extra run in somewhere over the week.

30/30 propoints
1.5 litres
walked - 3.53 miles

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