Friday, November 30, 2012

Dressember eve!

It's the end of November. And I'm feeling good. Winter starts tomorrow (in my mind, it's TOMORROW) and I am not feeling like I need to burrow down and eat all the goose fat. Not yet.

Thursday was a bit of a washout day - I got some planning done for Christmas time. We are staying at Sam's mums house Christmas eve, and having Christmas dinner all together. I have got our gluten free mince pies sorted, found some stuffing mix that we can have, and have got ingredients to make some yorkshire puddings, that I can freeze to take with us on the day.

I did get out for a run, but late. It was freezing, but I got round okay. Got home, showered, went to bed and could not sleep. For the first time in over 10 years I had cystitis. Yuck. Chugged down lots of water, had a warm bath and took a big dose of anti-inflammatory, and managed to get to sleep around 4am.

Thursday -
29/29 ProPoints
1.5 litres
3 miles

Exciting post day today - my lavintage Hell Bunny dress arrived (after I sent back the wrong dress which I tried on for size last week). As I knew that I wasn't going to fit into the XL for Emma's birthday, I ordered a medium, which is now hanging in my wardrobe, ready to be worn for my 10th anniversary next August! (That was originally what I wanted the dress for, hah!)

My corset arrived, to go with some bits I already had, to put together a burlesque-ish outfit for next week. Tried it all on and think it'll do ok.

Not strictly a dress, but I doubt I'll be scantily clad compared to others there! Am very pleased to have something like a normal female shape back, even if every measurement is a little big, they look far more proportionately correct than they were a few months ago.

I'm going to have to plan the weekend properly soon - it's only 8 days away now. I'm hoping to meet friends in Leicester for an hour or two in the afternoon, before meeting with Tracy & her hubby, and Kirsty for dinner. Then we can all pile into my travelodge room and get ready for the party together. Proper night out ^_^ epic.

I'm feeling really relaxed about going away/eating out for 2 days and it not being a Bad Thing. I remember not having total control before meant things went tits up - in a much better, less disordered head-space now.

Was the last swim lesson for Seth today, really ace to see him diving in, and swimming about happily. He's moving up to the next group next term, and I need to get the girls enrolled in the beginners group. It's such an easy way for us all to have a fun day together, and stay active, especially as they get older.

No gym tonight, as my parents got back late from their night away, going to head over early tomorrow as Sam is off for the day, we're also planning to take the smalls swimming in the afternoon.

Spent an hour getting my dresses ready for tomorrow. The month of Frockery begins! I'll be blogging over on my Dressember blog, but may have to share a little here. I want the next month in dresses to mean that I've worn my size 16 jeans for the last time - if can chuck the jeans I wore today in the charity bin come January, I'll be a VERY happy grrrl.

Friday -
1.5 litres
3 miles

Just got this text from my leader - what a tease!

I am genuinely quite excited to find out what the new changes/enhancements are going to be.

We've been promised that ProPoints are staying, which I am glad of because after getting to grips with it, I can see it works, and forces me to eat mindfully and in a balanced way.

My brother is starting WeightWatchers on Monday, he told me last week, so it should be a good full-on week for him to get his teeth into.

I have NO guesses as to what it is going to be, despite reading lots of 'spoilers' and hearing about how WW is looking at how our brains work with regard to food.

How this will translate to the program? No idea. Roll on Monday!!

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