Thursday, November 15, 2012

Doing Squat

Decent nights sleep changes EVERYTHING. Ahhh. Head is being a bit kinder today, found a pack of Anadin in the cupboard, so took 2 first thing and have felt ok since.

Had a slow start to the day, got cleaning done and back on top of laundry again. Decided to wake my legs up (which still felt a bit stiff) with squats. Thought I'd see if I could still do 200, and I could. And FAST! Worked up a good sweat and really needed my breakfast once done.

Got out with the kids and jumped some puddles on our way to the Polling station, did my duty as a citizen and voted. Then went to fetch some ingredients for dinner.

Had to head to the gym tonight, as I won't be able to go tomorrow, busy day with a lecture for Seth in London in the morning, before I head to Brighton to meet with Rachael to go see the last Twilight film ^_^

After feeling so rough yesterday, I was nervous about working out hard. I've eaten well, my body has had rest, adequate water, good clean food. So I decided to go for it..

Threw myself into the cycling tonight, and got a new PB again. Whoot.

Cycle lvl 5 Kilimanjaro 20min  10.97km (10k in 18:33)
Treadmill hill 12 10min 1.01km 45m

Shoulder press 25kg 3x12
Fly  47.5kg 3x12
Leg press 75kg 3x12
Leg extension 47.5kg 3x12
Abductor 56kg 3x12
Adductor 35kg (l5) 3x12
Pull down 47.5 kg 3x12

30/30 ProPoints
1.5 litres
walked/cycled - 9.78 miles

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