Saturday, November 24, 2012

halfway to mini-goal check in

A month ago today I posted up 3 minigoals I wanted to hit for new year.

  1. To hit a BMI of < 30 
  2. To run 5k
  3. To fit into my size 14 jeans
I had 10 weeks to lose 23.5lbs, to go from running 2 minutes at a time to continuously run 5km, and to shed enough fat to be able to do up those jeans. Weighing on my scales this morning, I've lost another 2.5lbs, meaning that I have 12.5 left to lose over the next 5 weeks. 

I am running week 4 of the c25k now, and getting decent distances.

Thought I ought to see how the jeans were fitting - 

With 5 weeks left, I *am* halfway to my goals - how exciting ^_^

On the downside, my dress for my friends' party in a fortnight arrived today, it does not fit. And won't by the date either. I knew it was likely to be the case, an XL is a size 14 *and* Hell Bunny sizes come up small, but still it is a disappointment.

I have given myself time to work out an alternative though, and while I am bummed that I can't wear what I'd chosen, I'm not feeling disheartened at all. I am still obese, I am going to be for a little while. The pay off with weightloss/fitness isn't all immediate, but in a years' time I will feel the benefit of what I am doing today. 

Catching up with the biggest loser, then going to head out with the kids to see Reindeer and Huskies at the local garden centre, before mooching to the fair at the village green to see the lights go on. I've set aside 9pp in case there's anything tempting to eat there!

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