Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Oof, what a day.

I didn't sleep well. By the time my legs settled a bit and I got comfyish, the girls came into our bed. Maya couldn't settle and I was feeling crampy and achey. Then just after 6am Seth woke up and played his new PvZ game LOUDLY with Malachi.

I'd had about 4 hours sleep. Decided we need a new mattress, and realised my stretching yesterday must have been shit, because I was SO stiff and the DOMs were BAD.

Sam went off to work a couple hours later (yeh, again Seth, thanks for getting us up early mate.) and I settled into fixing breakfasts, dishing out vitamins etc, etc. Sam is away overnight tonight, so I could have a lazy day and not worry about being on time for anything, even dinner.

By midday I'd eaten all but 8 ProPoints.. so decided that the hald ring of chorizo I'd gobbled woul count as lunch, and set about getting stuff together so the kids could make their own pizza. Found a GF pizza dough recipe yesterday, and got Seth to help me make the dough.

Once the dough was ready I got the kids to make their own pizzas - gave them tomato puree, grated cheese, sweetcorn, sliced mushrooms, diced onion, bacon strips and sliced chorizo and let them have at it.

Happy Halflings...

By the time they'd finished lunch, I felt awful. Had a migraine, fever and felt dizzy and sick. Gave them the xbox and hid in bed. Felt really rough for hours, but the kids were ace, Seth sat playing on his iPod while the younger three played minecraft, and fetched them drinks/changed Kai's nappy/brought the phone for me if it rang. Seriously gorgeous 7 year old boy <3 p="p">
By 7pm I felt less dizzy sick, and the fever had passed. Managed to put together a snacky supper for the kids, and make myself a cheese and fruit dinner. The kids were really lovely and got themselves ready for bed (so I just had to dress Kai, and brush teeth and hair, and make drinks for bed.) They got themselves into bed and told each other stories so I could use my last bits of 'umph' to chuck a load of laundry on and load the dishwasher.

Have taken some more Anadin and am about to head to bed now I've turned the house off for the night. Feeling very grateful for children who are loving enough to support me a little when I'm struggling, and for a head that is healed enough that I turn to people for help, and not food now.

Plotting a day of library book returning, puddle jumping and evening gym tomorrow. Please dear head, stop stropping and come join the party.

30/30 ProPoints
1.5 litres
0.96 miles (the bare minimum required to maintain life in the house today)

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