Saturday, November 17, 2012

Planning ahead

I had a FANTASTIC day yesterday.

I was going to be out all day, with maybe a half hour turnaround at home to change after lunch. I'd planned my food the night before, although we hadn't pinned down dinner plans, I left myself a clear 16 ProPoints so that I'd have enough.

Made myself an omelette first thing and got ready to go up to The Royal Institution with Seth, to hear Dr Michael Leahy talk about virology and parasites. Lovely.

It was a really good lecture, Seth was fascinated and wanted to stay behind to chat with the speaker, which was ace. ^_^ Had a quick look around the building, and decided to do the museum next time we were up and could take our time.

Mama! This place is MONEY!
After escaping the pricey bathrooms we headed to Piccadilly to grab Starbucks. I've been ready, ready, ready for the red cups for ages now. Sat and pointed up my beloved Eggnog latte  a while back. While I was a little bit shocked to find out that the Venti Eggnog that I used to have one or two of a week (yes, extra large) were 16 ProPoints each 0_0 - the 6 ProPoints for a Short seemed a fair swap. My first eggnog of the season was gulped down walking across Green Park with the boy, very lovely.

Once we got to Croydon I used the opportunity to go and buy Seth a larger Beavers' polo, and myself a new leaders' one. The sizes for leaders are - xs-xxxxl, so picking a large (45" chest, needed!) and it being BIG  everywhere but the boobs felt good. Could have gone for a medium, but liked the extra room for a top underneath!

On a whim, went and got my nose pierced too, my septum keeper fell out a while back and I managed not to notice for a few days, it's pretty much closed itself now and I decided that I do prefer the nostril piercing after all, heh. Got a little titanium screw with an amethyst stud in. ^_^

Rushed back past Shakeaway so the boy could get a hot milkshake (made with blended Wispa and Bounty bars) and grabbed the bus home.

The grump face is his "do I go hot or not?" expression..

Then had 30 minutes to wash and dress and get out the door to head to Brighton. The trains were mullered, and the one I got onto was packed, but got me there for 6pm. Had a relaxed dinner with Rachael and her friend Gem. Got to eat my food slowly, without having to jump around and clean kids/fetch stuff,  had a fun time chatting too. Being that I am a *little* bit into Nandos, I knew my 1/4 chicken with sweet potato mash and side salad was 12 ProPoints, without having to check.. so just dug in, yum!.
Mooched over to the cinema, with a bar of Milka with Da'im to nibble, and sat down for 2 hours to watch sparkly vampires. Really enjoyed the film, it was better than I expected it would be, and felt good to see the last one. What am I going to do now there are no more Twilight films to look forward to? It's been 3.5 years of going 'oh, Cullens!' .. guess I'll have to hold out for the film adaptation of The Host? ;)

Whizzed back to the station by the lovely Rachael, meant I was in time for the fast train. Which was good as the trains were still a mess. There had been faults on the fast line, so I spent 35 mins chugging what should have been the last 10 minutes of track. Managed to walk up the hill fast though, and got in just before I turned into a pumpkin. :)

30/30 ProPoints
1.5 litres
8 miles walked


  1. I'm going to have to start commenting on here : )

    I'm very glad you came down and Gem really enjoyed the chance to meet you properly, despite being super tired!

    1. Poor the super-tired pair of you, hope a restful weekend has fixed it. I'm v thankful to have such lovely people to get to hang out with ^_^