Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Strong when weakened

It has been a hardish weekend.

On Friday I got some not-great news, stuff I'm not at liberty to share here, but the kind of heavy life-issue stuff that has previously seen me lose the plot entirely. Talking to friends about it online, I posted this:

"Going to shake off the sinking feeling and crack on and enjoy the afternoon ....
 I've let the hard overwhelm me before now though, and that sucked, I'm stronger and not going to waste life by letting that happen again."

And I did just that. Though I was feeling the weight and worry, I didn't eat it, just acknowledged it, and continued living. My ability to do much at all was hugely hampered by my period, it's been a really heavy one and I'e felt very tired and hungry (but for crap) all weekend. Still, I stuck to my propoints, just using 4 weeklies Sunday night for a Daim bar.

Wanted to skip weigh in today, as I was expecting maybe to maintain despite sticking to it, due to the bloating.

previous weight -195 BMI 33.5
current weight - 193.5 BMI 33.2
Loss - 1.5lb
% loss - 0.77%

Really happy with those 1.5lbs, going to really push this week for a bigger loss next week, get me back into the right pace to hit my goal for New Year. I have 18.5lbs to lose in 7 weeks.

We were doing a kind of  'see where we're at, and be positive' thing at meeting today.. 

Spent the afternoon getting bits sorted ready for Beavers this evening. Brought in bits so they could act out the story of Rama and Sita, and create some Rangoli, decorate candles etc. Had to skip my usual Monday gym session in order to get it all done, but that's ok as I'm all out of routine this week anyway. Need to gym Tues/Thurs instead of Wed/Fri. 

Did aquafit though. My poor legs are not recovered from the cramps. Ouch but good. Feel good and sore now drinking a cup of tea. ;)

30/30 ProPoints
walked/swam - 6.9 miles 

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