Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thirty Things to do before I'm Thirty

Trying to clear out dead drafts from the blog cogs.. and came across this post from last March, that I hadn't published.

At that time I wrote a list of 30 achievable things I wanted to do in the following 30 months (being the remaining time until I turned 30 years old).

I now have just under ten months, and really don't think I've done two thirds of the list..

1. Run 10k
2. Be a healthy weight
3. "Go Ape"
4. Learn to drive - DONE 08/11 - 07/12 

5. Do a Triathlon
6. Spartan Race
7. Swim in the sea
8. Volunteer regularly - DONE Beaver scout leader since 03/12
9. Attend Olympics - DONE 3/9/12
10. Take kids camping
11. Music festival
12. Go technology free for a weekend
13. Ice skate at Christmas - DONE 11/12/12
14. Go on a London Tour bus
15. Raise Butterflies - DONE 20/4/13
16. Fast for 30 hours
17. Be part of a flash mob
18. Moonwalk
19. Geocache
20. Learn First aid - DONE 27/4/13
21. Participate in a protest - DONE Midwifery March 25/3/13

22. Spend New Years Eve in the capital - DONE 31/12/12
23. Go to midnight screening, dressed up as a character
24. Do a charity fun run - edit "Gorilla Run"?
25. Have 80's TV sleeve tattoo 
26. Plant a tree - DONE 7/12/12
27. Take up Archery
28. Walk a corn maze - DONE Tulley's Maize Maze 8/9/12

29. Steward an event - DONE MoonWalk 11/5/13
30. Be in a TV audience - DONE 'The Cube' 7/2/12

If I'm going to manage to complete them I have got to get organised - there's only a month to get 13 & 22 sorted!

#1 & #2 are at the forefront of my mind. I hope that I'll manage both by the summer.
#3 Go Ape, I'd said I'd like to do that for my birthday with friends.
#4 is done. And I am glad, because I NEVER want to learn to drive again. And wouldn't have enough time starting now.
#5 I hope to complete the distances of a sprint triathlon next year before my 30th!
#6 I'll be signing up for the Spartan sprint next August.
#7 Swim in the Sea. That's sounding pleasant (please, be sunny next year, please)
#8 doing, and loving it ^_^
#9 SO glad we went. Once in a lifetime stuff.
#10 & #11 - wonder if we could combine the two? Ought to be memorable!
#12 Sounds easy. May actually prove to be the hardest task on the list.
#13 - need to book myself a slot! Fast!
#14 - Seth has been begging to do this for ages. Make plans to take the brood next May/June as a joint birthday outing?
#15 This is one I've meant to do with the smalls for the last two years..
#16 Fast for 30 hours. World Vision used to do a sponsored famine, but the page isn't there...
#17 Be part of a Flash Mob - I so nearly did this last year, was meant to go to London Bridge to be part of a breastfeeding flashmob, but ended up not going cos I felt 'too fat' Sigh.
#18 Moonwalk - the marathon distance is full, but I have logged my interest to steward. If I do that, I'll do the Sunwalk.
#19 Geocache. I have 4 kids, and an iPhone, why am I not doing this already?
#20 Learning First Aid. I *think* I may have to do this for my Beavers leader training anyway, but if not I can book on with St Johns Ambulance and do a course. Again, something I think I *should* know, being alone with my 4 as often as I am.
#21 Participate in a Protest. I've been to the BMA anti-Nestle protest a few times, but never really PARTICIPATED (though Seth has, he is all over the web page, lol) Next May I will.
DONE! We took the tribe to the capital for NYE #22 We'd been toying with the idea of taking the kids up to London this year. Has to be done now..
#23 Gah, Catching Fire comes out after my birthday, I have to go as Effie. Will have to see what's due out I guess - Steampunk for Great Expectations would have worked too.
#24 Charity run, I am DESPERATE to do the Great Gorilla Run - 7km through London - next year, 5 days before my birthday.
#25 Haha! Started already with Rainbow Brite, so I'll focus on getting my left arm complete before I get more ink!
COMPLETED #26 It's National Tree week, and so I've bought a Holly tree to plant with the kids over the weekend, we can then record it in the Royal Record as a Jubilee tree, as it's native.
#27 Looking at how to go about learning to shoot pointy sticks, COMPLETED a taster Archery session for £20 in London -7th Jan 2013.
#28 Done - Angry Birds Maize Maze at Tulley's Farm with Rachael, Sam and the kiddos in September.
#29 Done - I have registered to steward the Moonwalk next May. If for some reason they have too many people volunteering, I'll offer to help at the Slutwalk - though it's usually a September event so there's a chance it would overlap with the Triathlon. Will work it out anyway.
#30 - Yay! That was fun, I should do it again.


  1. Ack, I feel old. I'm past 30 already – maybe I need a 40 things by 40 list?! As for your #19, I wish we lived closer to each other! We Geocache regularly. SO much fun!!

    1. I've got a 40 by 40 list tucked away to start on at the end of this year! Geocaching does look lots of fun. Waiting for spring though, brrr.