Monday, November 05, 2012


Really thrilled with this weeks loss, which has seen me back down into the 13 stone bracket, whoot.

previous weight -198.5 BMI 34.1
current weight - 195 BMI 33.5
Loss - 3.5lb
% loss - 1.76%

Despite eating 38 of my weekly propoints, a really decent loss. Guessing it's last weeks' work catching up too, as I 'should' have lost last week based on my in/out, but maintained. Still, really happy with it. 20lbs to go to that 'overweight' category, that'll feel so, so good.

Another 9lbs and I'll be past where I got to last year, before re-gaining too. I remember back in June, looking at photos from last year and *wishing* to be there again. Well, I very nearly am!

Another 3lbs til my 3rd stone, and I'll have earned back all my butterflies. Hopefully will have reached my 4th (178lbs) around Christmas week too, that green one has been fluttering out of my grasp too long. The song I'd picked to go with it would be really fun if I could reach it while still in 2012, for a lyric in it. I originally thought I was going to do it in October/November last year, and a line in the song is "are you waiting for 2012?" .. well yeh, it seems I jinxed myself there!

We were talking about the little things that over time are big things in our weightloss journey. We had to choose a little thing to do this week that'd help us. I'm going to focus on drinking my water, just 1.5 litres a day to start with. I've really got out of the habit.

Gym was good today, though after 2 day rest I have to push..

Cycle lvl 6 Kilimanjaro 15min  7.82km
Treadmill hill 10 15min 1.52km 46m

Shoulder press 25kg 3x12
Fly  47.5kg 3x12
Leg press 75kg 3x12
Leg extension 45kg 3x12
Abductor 56kg 3x12
Adductor 35kg (l5) 3x12
Pull down 45kg 3x12

30/30 propoints
1.5 litres drunk
walked/cycled - 12.15 miles

Pulled Pork - slow cooked overnight with garlic, ginger and onion. Then sticky BBQ sauce and diet (no aspartame) cola. Served with stir fry veg, beef tomato and cucumber. Nom.

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