Sunday, November 25, 2012

"You look well"

Spent the day at my Nan's today, with my dad and the girls. Took along a granola bar, clementines and some ham - which was good because nothing my Nan had in was wheat free, except for chocolates!!

I'm always ready to be told how big I am, but today was different. My Nan said I looked well, younger, healthier. That was nice to hear, and I do FEEL that way, but nice to have someone see a noticeable change,  and one worth commenting on. I am going to hold onto it. I look healthier. I am healthier.

Felt really tired once home, even though it was only 4 pm, reckon being sat indoors with heating made me sluggish.

Ended up ordering Chinese as I fell asleep and woke at 7.30 to hungry hippo family. Ordered sweet and sour chicken and prawn crackers - for the kids. Special curry for Sam, and sweet and sour mixed vegetables for me - the sauce took me a full 2 propoints into my weekly allowance, but having 47 left, and earned 48 activity points this week, I think that'll be ok. ;)

Spent an hour looking online for ideas as to what to wear for Emma's party in a fortnight, seeing as my dress won't fit. Going through my wardrobe I found a couple of Hell Bunny tutus that look amazing together, some purple boots, a lace bolero, top hat and mask and corseted jacket. Spent £15 on eBay on a damask corset and lace tights to go with it all. Tried it on quickly with a smaller corset tugged about me to see how it'd look, I think I'm good to go. Cheered up massively, and I only ate 6 of the box of chocolates my Nan sent when I *could* have gone on a 'tired and nothing fits for the party, WAA!' bender. Yay.

31/29 ProPoints
1.5 litres
walked - 1 mile.

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