Wednesday, December 19, 2012

13 in 13

JOIN US. It's going to be an EPIC year.

Want to have a fantastic year in 2013? Sign up HERE.

January 1st 2013 - GOALS

  1. Run a Marathon in January - January theme - Make A Plan
  2. Perform 150 dips - February theme - Fundamentals.
  3. Complete level 1 kettlebells - March theme - Renewal
  4. Run 10km
  5. Have a Healthy BMI
  6. Work up to Sprint Triathlon distance
  7. Swim in the Sea
  8. Compete in a Spartan Race
  9. Gorilla Run
  10. Lose 50% of my start weight
  11. Have Graduated to Kettlebells circuits
  12. Half Marathon
  13. COMPLETE 30by30 LIST

December 19th -

Wahey! My 13 by 13 welcome email arrived, I am so easily excited. A couple of weeks back I saw Rebecca post about this challenge and decided I wanted in. It's a long haul thing, not too intense, stuff I can work into life and not let 'interfere' with what I *need* to be doing.
  • Set yourself 13 challenges for 2013, they will have a theme each month for you to focus on.
  • Each month, within your theme you will set a mini goal or two for just that month.
  • The thirteenth challenge will work slightly differently and that will be explained when you sign up!
  • You get to chose which months you participate or don't participate but if you take part in all 13 challenges you will be entered in to a prize draw.

Each month of 2013 I will set myself a SMART goal, based on the theme that will be sent to us all days beforehand. I like this. It will give me a fresh boost each month, without me being tied in to someone else's idea of *exactly* what to do.

Come January I will already be nearly at the end of c25k, have just finished Dressember (which should be easy, I know, but I find thinking about clothes challenging, therefore it is a CHALLENGE) and have completed my super sprint triathlon test.

I'll be ready for a new goal to aim for, to break up the (smaller, but still substantially) large amount of weight I have to shift.

January - Make A Plan.

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