Thursday, December 20, 2012

20 minute run. ^_^

Today was interesting. When I woke up I thought it would be a slog of a day. I've been feeling a bit aware of the amount of routine we've NOT had the last two weeks, and the kids have begun to get a bit antsy.

It looked to be a wet, miserable day, and to top it off my period arrived. Again.

Potentially the last day of the world, I get my bloody period. Fantastic.

Popped onto Facebook while flipping the pancakes I was making in an attempt to let the kids have a 'fun' day. And saw a post from my friend, sharing a status from Lush at covent garden.

Special treat alert! If today, you and more than four friends come in store and sing 'we wish you a merry christmas' as loud as can be, there will be prizes galore for you...

I faced a day of whiney kids, I was grumpy from not running/gymming for 48 hours. I posted that we were in and got started getting ready.

It was such a good idea. I love seeing Elaine anyway, I love Lush, I love Covent Garden. Just a good solid plan.

We went and sung at Lush, and got lovely Christmas soap bars, then I took the smalls to the Moomin shop *which is flipping awesome but a bit pricey for me*, we followed Elaine to Cyber Candy, and the kids looked at the most sweets they've ever seen, and picked a lolly each.

I got my secret santa bits posted, and after Elaine left to do school runs, we headed to McDonalds, as per the kids' request. Manky, but cheap, once every 18 months shouldn't hurt... and I knew there'd be no way I'd be tempted to nibble at their food. If I avoided the gorgeous homemade mince pies in the market, I was not going to end up eating crappy meals!

Got in and set about getting our dinner ready - tonight was the test batch of yorkshires and stuffing I have ready for Christmas day. I had a small window tonight of 2 hours that Sam would be in, and knew I needed to run, but would not run after a heavy meal. At 7pm I set it in the oven, gave Sam instructions for when to take out stuffing and put on puds and veg, and headed out for my run. Week 6 day 2 meant a 20 minute run, I was a little nervous, but knew mind over matter would be key. As it was it felt GREAT. I could have done 25 I think, and the next run is 15 & 10, I am going to just run 25 as I think I'm ready. Awesome feeling. Covered 1.8miles in that 20 minutes, meaning at that pace my 5k would be 35 minutes. Bang on what I'd be hoping for. Wahey!

Home to a scrummy dinner, then blogged (hi) before settling for a movie and some well earned kip.

Hope we all wake up tomorrow. Happy Doomsday!!

28/28 ProPoints
2 litres
7 miles

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