Saturday, December 22, 2012

25 minutes ^_^

Haha! I ran 25 minutes today! Looked at the run for week 6 day 3, and it was 15 minutes, 3 minutes walk, and 10 minutes run. I *hate* having to start running again, knew I could run 20 as I had on Thursday and figured I should just tell myself I was running 25, and do it. And I did.

2.2 miles in 25 minutes. 11:20 a mile, but I'm moving! In a few more runs I'll be able to add that extra 11-12 minutes needed to cover 5k. Whether I'll manage it by New Year, I'm unsure, but I'll be close.

This weekend, the Saturday dressember theme was 'wedding dress' day - I won't fit into mine for another 4 stones yet, but I found a bargainous Cherlone dress (brand I wore to go sledding 2 years ago!) that I nabbed for today. It was a size 14 and fit. That felt so, so good!

After fitting that, I thought it could be fun to try on my New Year goal jeans - a size 14. They went on, and did up. Wheee!

Day of last minute prepping for the next 5 days - went to Sainsburys with the kids, and got last few bits needed until the 27th. Ready to have a day of mooching and relaxed 'me' time tomorrow, before the business of Chrimbo. Will be fab to see Rachael too, with just 1 week left of our Biggest Loser Challenge, we've done so well. ^_^

28/28 ProPoints
2 litres
6.5 miles

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