Saturday, December 08, 2012

#26 Plant a tree

Our Holly tree baby arrived this morning. We were hoping it would be here in time to plant over National Tree Week, but the kids weren't worried. Mostly bothered that they got it done inside 2012, so it could count towards one of the 6 million native trees being planted for the Diamond Jubilee. For Seth especially, he wanted to be able to have it recorded in the Royal Record.

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Woke up feeling a lot less worried about flapjackgate, realised that actually, I have stuck to plan. I'm worried about the eating because it reminded me of my disordered eating. That's ok.
I still feel run down, but that doesn't have to control what I'm doing.

Have had a good day catching up on Nature Detectives challenges with the kids, including decorating our outdoors Spruce. Malachi chattering away about flying reindeer coming to visit him because he'd decorated his tree so beautifully, sweet boy.

Made a big soup for dinner once Sam got in, and packed for the weekend. I'm setting off at 6.30 in the morning to get up to Leicester. Decided to get a run in tonight too, as I can't check in until 3pm tomorrow, leaving little time to go for a run before I meet T, R & K for dinner.

Really enjoyed the run tonight, week 5 day 2 on the app I'm using is run 6, walk 1, run 4, walk 1 run 6. In those 18 minutes I covered 1.7 miles, which is not too bad a pace, considering. 

28/28 ProPoints
1.5 litres
3.6 miles

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