Thursday, December 20, 2012

3 weeks of FOCUS

After I left the meeting on Monday I was feeling good (about the 5lb loss) hopeful (that I'd make my goal) and a little wary (at the 3 week gap until next weigh in, and the Christmas/New Year in the middle!)

I know that attending a meeting, and standing on a scale there keeps me focused. I know that in the past skipping a week meant losing the plot a bit. I know that my head is in a better place now, I have good habits forming. I also know how quickly things can disintegrate.

Yesterday was fine - I stuck to plan, saw my friend. Got outdoors with the kids, got odd jobs done and felt good.

28/28 ProPoints
2 litres
3.75 miles

Week 2 Day 2 Level 3 : Total Reps - 86
Sets - 16, 20, 15, 15, (20+)
performed +6 on last set - Total Reps - 92

I also bought in two big tins of biscuits for the kids over the holiday season (I'm safe from those, they all contain wheat and so my brain now categorises them as non-food) and a big tray of Thornton's love milk for Sam, Kai and little old me, to share.

I stuck them up on top of the cupboard, and am still feeling ok about not going to attack all that 'treat' food, but know that I can be triggered and mindlessly eat *so* easily. I need a plan in place so I can just not think about things, get on and enjoy these weeks, and hit my goals.

I need to plan out the 3 weeks, so I can avoid falling into letting those new habits die, and be eating impulsively and not getting enough exercise. I want to run 3x a week, gym 2-3x a week, keep up with my 150 dips program, and stay on my daily ProPoints throughout the period.

I am making myself a fairly rigid timetable to stick to. Each day I can check here, do as it says and then not think about it. Doing all the organisation work now, and knowing what I'm up to means I can relax and enjoy this time.

Daily plans to stay on track and hit that goal of being 'overweight' for 2013.

17th - (Sam off) gym cycle, weights. + 28pp
18th - (Sam off) gym run w6d2 and weights + 28pp
19th - Sam away, have Shel over, company and a latte = no boredom eating 28 pp + w2d2 dips
20th - run w6d3 once Sam gets in from work (I *can* run 20 minutes, I can) + 28 pp
21st - 28 pp + w2d3 dips. If world does not end, head to gym once Sam is home. Cycle and weights.
22nd - run w7d1 once Sam is home + 28 pp
23rd - (Sam off) Brighton to see Rachael - planned and pre-tracked Nandos. 28 pp + rest day :)

24th - run w7d2  + 27pp - go to MIL's
25th - (Sam off) At MIL's - 27pp (pre tracked Chrimbo day FTW)+ w3d1 dips 
26th - (Sam off) gym shut - lunch with parents and kids, run w7d3 + 27pp
27th - gym (cycle) and weights + w3d2 dips + 27pp
28th - gym - do super sprint triathlon + 27pp
29th - Dips w3d3 + 27pp
30th - (Sam off) Go to Kew gardens + run 5K!! + 27pp

31st - (Sam off) gym, weights  + 27pp (out for NYE, eating at Nandos (yay!)
1st - (Sam off)  Run w8d1 + 27pp
2nd - gym, weights + dips w4d1 + 27 pp
3rd - Run w8d2 + 27pp
4th - dips w4d2 + 27 pp
5th - Run w8d3 + 27pp
6th - Wii Fit 30 minutes (instead of gym) + dips w4d3  + 27pp and be pleased and a bit proud I stuck to my plans!!

3 days out of 21 stuck to so far. The gym being shut a few days is going to mean I can't get 3 visits in over Christmas week. I can go in, and my arms may whine at the break of a few days, but I WILL do it. I want to keep up the feeling of progress. I want to go to meeting on January 7th, and have lost 6lbs or more. I want to show myself that outside factors like Christmas do not get to make me fat ever again.


  1. just take christmas week to MOVE MOVE MOVE everywhere you can!
    you got this!

  2. Indeed, I feel that I have got it. I want to smash the big wall in my head that says no healthy living over Chrimbo. ^_^
    Boxing Day walk, and New Years Eve eve visit (and walk) to Kew planned. Loverly.

  3. I love your sticktoitiveness! These days I need to make a plan to just make a plan it seems!