Sunday, December 02, 2012

Could it be?

It *could* be.. ignore the chipped nails, I was too excited to think about end of week nails cover-up!

That's 50lbs off!!! WHOOOOOHOOOOO. I am just a little excited at that. Awesome.

Hoping that it's not a bit fluctuation, and that I can pull that number at the scales tomorrow. Am now less than 10lbs until I get out of obesity. *So* exciting, and I am believing it's going to happen this side of New Year. ^_^

Dressembered again today and really enjoying doing it this year, weighing a full stone less than previous years. Picking dresses based on how I feel, rather than how I fit just feels so, so good.

Spent the day de-cluttering my paperwork that's been slowly creeping back into a mountain - felt a lot more ordered and less stressed at the sight of my kitchen sideboard afterwards, and enjoyed using the space to make a toad in the hole for dinner.

See those Pringles? Not one passed my gob. Didn't *want* them either!

Another teaser text from Claire (ww leader) arrived as I was cooking, I've had a bit of a clue, from reading around other blogs over the last week, the kind of thing that may be coming in with this New Approach. The tracker app will be updated to include these routines to mark off each day. Also there are going to be resources to use to make various 'spaces' in your life built for success. Not sure how that's going to be implemented, but I am feeling genuinely excited to find out now, ha! Totally new for me, as I tend to despise change of any kind!

I like the sound of it, it sounds like the strategies will build on the kind of changes I have already been making to my surroundings/ thinking/plans, that have meant that I've not struggled this time, having to find 'willpower' to pull me through, but instead built myself a healthy set of behaviours/routines to avoid switching into those hedonistic eating moments that lead to my brain being totally stuck in a cycle of food = dopamine = more please now.

Head was aching tonight, I blame Sam turning the heating up so the house felt balmy! 0_0 A few hours/cups of water later I feel better, but not going to go and run this late while my bladder is still needing TLC. I did get on and do my dips though. Ouch!

Week 1 Day 2 Level 3 : Total Reps - 63
Sets - 13, 15, 10, 10, (15+)
performed +7 on last set - Total Reps - 70

Goodness, my triceps don't love me much, but I need to firm up my arms if I want them inked up!

29/29 ProPoints
1.5 litres
1 mile (oh, hello sitting down work!)

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