Sunday, December 23, 2012


Went down to Brighton to see Rachael today, who looked noticeably skinnier when I spotted her. (I may have spent a couple minutes gawking and saying so not-very-quietly at the clocktower...)

 The trains are all messed up after a fire near Preston Park, and massive signal box damage. Meant I had to change at Haywards Heath and knew the journey would be longer as I left in the morning, feeling 'bored' at the wait I went to WHSmiths, fully intending to grab a chocolate bar. Instead I bought a couple of books, and read one over the course of the train journey in and out.

Had a lovely day, even with the train mess. We went for a mooch about the (not horribly crazy busy) shops, had a coffee and chat while people-watching in Starbucks (free tall drink when you load a card with £20 until tomorrow) and lunch at Nandos. I'd pre-tracked both and so could forget about the plan and just enjoy the day.

We saw the Coca-Cola holiday truck, met a friend of Rachael's and they exchanged gifts (was ace to watch their faces as they opened their VERY cool pressies) then packed her up for Chrimbo with her parents before she dropped me back at the station *just* in time for a train back to Gatwick.

I know that I'm not going to beat her % weightloss this week, she'd lost an epic 4lbs this week!

I'm hoping for 2.5lb for tomorrow, though I am bloated with cramps and yuck and just feel like I'm holding water weight, total pain. I *should* have a good loss, I've run, worked out, and eaten 'right' all week. Covered 56 miles and not eaten any earned or weekly pp, so if it doesn't show I'll know that next week will be a good one.

28/28 ProPoints
2 litres
6.85 miles

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