Sunday, December 30, 2012

I RAN 5K!!!!

Woke up ACHING. Got preparations for Kew done (ticket printing was a total faff) and now have easy take-along food for Sam and the kids, that won't tempt me. (Banana flapjack and Coconut banana loaf).

Decided to switch around my planned days, run tomorrow and do dips today, as my legs still felt wobbly after the triathlon.

Week 3 Day 3 Level 3 : Total Reps - 155
Sets - 28, 39, 26, 26, (36+)
performed +4 on last set - Total Reps - 159

Sat watching LOTR with T-Rex arms. Beinning to feel excited/nervous for weigh in come Monday. Glad for an easy day of fun planned for Sunday - lots of walking at Kew, and a run in the evening (aiming to run a full 5k, however long it takes). Then *hopefully* come the morning I'll have lost 3lbs, and have hit all four of my minigoals!!

Saturday -
27/27 ProPoints
2 litres
1 mile

Had a lovely day at Kew gardens, though it was cold, it stayed dry. We walked around looking at amazing plants and enjoying outdoors space, and riding a carousel.

I avoided the many (Starbucks, Bagels, my mum's packed bag of chocolates! the Cafe, crisps) food temptations, and really enjoyed my dinner (gluten free chippolatas and five bean baked beans) once I got in.

I had been psyching myself out all day about tonight's run. I knew it was my last chance to run 5k in 2012, and without doing so, I'd be not hitting one of my goals made a while ago, when completing c25k seemed 'easy'.

But after dinner had settled, I went. I really struggled around. My head was not oping with how far I had to run, and I was arguing against myself the whole way. I did not stop running the whole way around though, and finished with a sprint. Once in I mapped the run and found I'd run further than I had thought. I did 5k in around 35 minutes, but ran for 38 minutes. Fantastic. ^_^

Sunday -
27/27 ProPoints
2 litres
9.5 miles


  1. Fantastic Joy! Well done :-D

    You inspired me to have a go, and I have say w1 d1 nearly killed me! Time for w1 d2 today, and I wasn't going to bother - but I think I will now :-).

  2. YYEEEHHHHAAAAAA! Know that feeling Joy! Well done!