Thursday, December 13, 2012

Planning for the BEST Chrimbo/New Year

It is usually this time of year (or by now, really) that any progress I have made, backslides. I start eating more, tracking it less accurately. Going out less, not doing any real exercise. Drinking less water and more calorific hot drinks..

Last weekend showed me how very easy it is to make those choices, and to watch the weight creep back up.

I don't want that for myself. And while a couple days 'off' was nice, I did miss the activity, and being in control of my foods.

On Monday neither my brother or mum would go to the gym. My mum actually left the weightwatchers meeting (she joined this week, after my brother did last week) without saying goodbye, and instead text messaged me to say she wouldn't go to Aquafit in the evening, and wasn't intending to again until next year!

Again today, no-one was entertaining the idea of going to work out.

I saw it coming, and *know* I can't really on others' habits to keep my healthy lifestyle jogging along, so I had put a plan B in place.

Until the start of term (early-mid Jan) I am going to run three times weekly, as well as go to the gym (either with a family member, or alone by train to the partner centre) three times. Tomorrow morning I will run the last day of week 5. Then I have 9 more runs left to do before the c25k is completed. I should be able to cover 5k jogging by the end of the month.

Once January hits I will start going to Park Run on a Saturday morning, and then run Tuesday nights trying to get my speed up. Thursdays from mid-Jan I will be attending a kettlebells class for 7 weeks, as well as attending gym three times weekly and (hopefully?) swimming on Sundays with Kai.

All of the planned Chrimbo foods are stored out of sight. I have gluten free mince pies, crackers, stuffing and yorkshires to take to mum-in-law's. Otherwise we've not bought stuff in. I'm yet to succumb to a selection pack/tin of roses.

As well as paying for my kettlebells course, I've booked our new years' travelodge (without breakfast) and we'll eat Nando's in the evening - Starbucks for breakfast. No tripping over unknown menu items.

Once 2013 hits, I will be taking part in the 13 for 13 challenge - looking forward to finding out more soon.

I feel motivated, I feel good. I am ready to enjoy this Christmas, without damaging myself!!

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