Thursday, December 27, 2012

size 14

Sam is back at work again today, back to regular routine here (missing the binmen, having bizarre substitutions on the Sainsburys order, forgetting cat litter...)

I'm still doing Dressember, and have on my 27th dress in 27 days ^_^ Aside from when I'm in bed/exercising, I've been in dresses and so not sure of what will fit me trouser-wise, come January.

I had wanted to get the wardrobes back in the bedroom since selling my Tegu (his old vivarium meant there was no room in the bedroom for wardrobes, so we've been living with them in the lounge/kitchen area of the flat. Annoys me lots.

Decided to crack on and get it done today, as the kids are still on a Chrimbo come-down and happiest bickering over the xbox, it was too wet out to do anything else but housework and I had no big cleaning jobs to do.

Moved over all the clothes, and went through them as I did, found LOADS of size 14 trousers and tops - about 20 different tops, not just baggy tees, 6 pairs of jeans, some joggers, a skirt and some smart flared trousers. THEY ALL FIT. ZOMG. Wow. Have made piles of stuff to sell, stuff to donate, and have now got a load of LOVELY hardly worn/unworn clothes to wear next week. Like hitting the sales but SO much better. ^_^

Off to the gym tonight after 6 days off - it's not going to be easy. But today is just what I needed to keep me certain that it is worth it!

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  1. It is so worth it and you look fab!
    Must sort my wardrobes out this week
    Struthie xx