Friday, December 14, 2012


Oh the week of trying to keep on it despite a sugary weekend, and a gain, and no gym buddies, and it being *that* time of year.

On Wednesday I got lots done about the house, but just felt off most of the day. Had it confirmed that no-one was going to be going to the gym that evening, and thought maybe I'd head over to Oxted alone. When it came to it though, I got caught up making flapjack for the next weeks' breakfast, and finishing the filing that I had to do then and there. By the time I was free, it was too late.

I did stay on track though, and decided that I would head to the gym on Sunday, no matter what, as Sam is off. Monday is going to be a lot less manic than usual as there's no Beavers, and I can't get to/from Aquafit in the evening. Plotting to go see my friend instead.

1.5 litres
2.5 miles

Thursday I had to brave late night shopping Croydon with the snotty smalls. It wasn't so bad, we went to buy some baby/christmas gifts for friends, and I treated myself and each of the kids to £4 each to spend in Lush. Then we met Sam and all went to grab dinner at Nandos. Easy to track, good grub, kids like it. Got home around 9.30pm, again too late to gym, too cold for me to risk running myself into cystitis again. Instead I got off my bum (just) and did day 3 of the 150 dips.

Week 1 Day 3 Level 3 : Total Reps - 73
Sets - 14, 19, 12, 12, (16+)
performed +4 on last set - Total Reps - 77

I had an oops with a mince pie or two, but it was a tracked thing. I am noticing that this time of year being 'time for treat food' is a learned thing, and am trying to unlearn it... as a kid I remember my mum used to really struggle with the darkness, and morning she called me, asking me if I wanted anything from Sainsburys as she was going, "not even Bounty bars for the kids?" No, they do not need them, and there will be, as usual 'something for me' too.

"Oh and I have a tin of biscuits dad bought for you, because of the tin... (it's a lovely tin, the word 'Joy' and christmassy, and yes, I can see why) ... the wheat isn't good for you though, do you want them, or shall I keep the biscuits for dad?" Yes, I said, please keep the biscuits.

Mum came up a while later, with the tin. The FULL tin. Of ALL wheat containing, chocolate biscuits.

Kai saw them and sobbed. I divided them between the other 3, and fetched down a box of 4 gluten free mince pies for me and the sobby boy to share. All was well. It made sense, in retrospect, to check they weren't totally vile, or we'd be stuck on Christmas day with nothing much to nibble on in the afternoon.

Still, am keeping my wits about me a bit now, I know my mum has food issues too, and winter is a not-easy time for her. Must be alert about keeping head on myself...

3.5 miles

Today has been good, made good food, had lush baths, stayed warm. Intending to gym with my dad tonight.   I *will* have the December I planned for. ^_^

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