Sunday, December 16, 2012

The night before the last meeting of the year

Haha! Sam was very hungover. When he hadn't come in by 3am, I went to sleep figuring he must have ceashed at a mates.
He made it home at 3.30pm, too late for me to get out to the gym, but I tacked week 5 day 3 instead. Loved that I could run 9 minutes straight, feeling really good and like I could keep going. 15 runs ago I could barely manage 9 minutes broken into 45 second bits!

Got some more Chrimbo prep done today - our yorkshire puds. Mum-in-law is making a roast, but simply won't have the oven room for an extra tray of puds and one of stuffing for us, so I'm making them, and will heat them through on the day.

Never made yorkshires before, but they look ok. Had a quick google for 'easy gluten free yorkshire pud recipe' and one of my fave GF blogs was a top hit.

Made a dozen and bagged them into two batches of six. Going to try some this week to see that they are ok! Two are 5 propoints, not bad ^_^

Got another teaser text from my leader this afternoon.

It's the last meeting for 3 weeks (!!) tomorrow - no meeting held on Christmas Eve or New Years Eve, fair enough! Am hoping that won't mean I lose the plot, I feel like I have enough incentive to work hard and make sure I've hit my 175lbs goal for the meeting on Jan 7th.

After the 2lb gain last week, and staying *firmly* on track this week, I'm hoping for a 4lb+ loss. If I pull 4.5, I'll hit 50lbs off at meetings. I'd *love* to manage 5.5lbs, putting me back at needing 2.5lb off each week for the next fortnight to hit my interim goal. I've done everything I can, if last weeks gain was water weight, it will come off. *crosses eyeballs*

29/29 ProPoints
1.5 litres
3.5 miles

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