Sunday, December 09, 2012

The WEAK end

MANY ProPoints eaten. Including the 44 activity points I earned this week.
A few litres of water, and a fair bit of bourbon, drunk.
13.6 miles walked/danced/hobbled...

I am hoping for a maintain tomorrow, but would not be shocked at a small gain. And that is OK. It was my friends' 40th, I saw mates I don't see for years at a time, there was much socialising, I was medicating myself for period/cystitis pain, and one week of a blip is not the end of the world. Weekend over, back on track. ^_^

I am a little disappointed that I didn't stick to my plans, but then I am pleased that I didn't eat compulsively, or eat wheat, or not eat good foods. I had too many high carb drinks, and too much sugar, but that's easily done at a party, and being away from home/travelling.

I *am* going to meeting tomorrow, though my usual habit would be to skip and 'fix' the weight. That is not going to happen, this is normal life and I have to be ok with eating more on occasions, and putting on a little. I am hoping not to put much on though, as I only have 3 weeks left to lose it plus the other 8.5lbs for New Year!!

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