Thursday, December 06, 2012

When plans for unplanable things don't go to plan..

Woke up to SNOW. Grumped a bit, because snow = no early morning run for me, can't hazard falling and hurting myself when Sam needs to get to work, and also snow could jeopardise me getting to Greenwich to see Florence + The Machine later on.

I had in mind to get myself a HUGE* eggnog latte, sit in my seat and feel totally blissful. So spent the day eating carefully to make sure I had the 12 ProPoints left for my lovely Starbucks.

*Although the Grande is 'large' and 12 propoints for a *drink* is obscene, it's a one-off treat. I was planning to sit in a not-so-warm Arena and really enjoy the latte while watching the support, and using those carbs/caffeine to BOUNCE for FaTM! Also, I now pick a Small for 6 PP maybe 1-2 times a fortnight, pre weight-watchers I would have ALWAYS  picked a Venti - 16 PP, 2-3 times a WEEK. 0_0

Plan was to avoid the trigger food lust, by having *something* yummy for me. The dome area is full of pubs, and restaurants and quick food grab places. Inside the arena itself I am safe, because all the food outlets are NOT safe for me, gluten wise. All Fish & Chips, hotdogs, burgers, breaded chicken etc. The vending machines are all Nestle too - so though the food being everywhere makes me think 'food, food, food' - I'm not in immediate danger of grabbing any of it.

Made good time to the o2. Wandered around to where I know the Starbucks was. No Starbucks. Walked slowly back along the strip, past Nandos, Wasabi, Las Iguanas, Harvester, Slug And Lettuce, Costa... no. No Starbucks. Checked my app for location. Apparently I'm stood on it. Grabbed a chocolate bar, a satsuma and bottle of water from the corner shop type place, and made my way to my seat.

It Was A Great Gig. I bounced and sang to FaTM and the support 'Haim' were great, so I didn't need/miss my eggnog buddy, I felt the lack of caffeine though!

On the way back home, I started working out what to 'do' with the 6 ProPoints I had left - when I'd chose the snacks at the o2, I'd worked out to leave 6 in case I stumbled across Starbucks somewhere else in the dome, and could grab a small eggnog (yes, I know, I am ADDICTED to the red cups). Walking through Croydon, I had gone into 'hedonic' hunger mode, and REALISED that's what it was. Stopped thinking about which chocolate bar I could find. And wondered what my body needed.. decided that if once I got home I still felt really hungry, I would have some propointed ham, cheese and fruit as a late night snack. Once decided I stopped having to fight myself/use willpower.

It was easy. Walking past Sainsburys took no effort or willpower. Because there was nothing there that I felt I needed.

Being mindful, stopping, making a good decision, and carrying on.

Rinse and Repeat.

28/28 ProPoints
1.5 litres
5 miles

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