Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting!

January is DONE.

The first month of 2013, zipped by. Time to take a moment and see how things are going with my 13in13.

The month started off at a good pace, got messy in the middle, with feeling run down, snow etc, but though I'm still full of cold, this last few days have been back on it. In previous years January has been a jumpstart to falling down for a few months. I'm feeling a lot different this year. Does feel that having these specific goals set in place has kept my head up and aware of what I need to be doing.

My 13in13:

  • Run a Marathon in January - January theme - Make A Plan.
  • Perform 150 dips
  • Complete level 1 kettlebells
  • Run 10km
  • Have a Healthy BMI
  • Work up to Sprint Triathlon distance
  • Swim in the Sea
  • Compete in a Spartan Race
  • Gorilla Run
  • Lose 50% of my start weight
  • Have Graduated to Kettlebells circuits
  • Half Marathon
  • COMPLETE 30by30 LIST

  • I ran a total 26.39 miles, just over a marathon during January. Shortest run was 1 mile, longest was 3.4miles. I ran an average 2.4 miles at a time at 12min mile pace. Considering that it was January, two runs were done with my 4.5 year old daughter (one in DEEP snow) and I've had a cold that's made breathing when in bed hard - I'm very pleased. Making a plan to make it happen meant I could see when I fell behind, and knew how to 'fix' it.
    Now that I'm up to 3.4 miles, I will follow the bridge to 10k training plan after finishing the dips, until then I will continue to run 3/3.5 miles twice a week.
    Once I've managed 10k, I'll hope to run that distance twice weekly until after September, when I will train towards the Half Marathon, just have to keep at it regularly and make sure I stay aware of what I need to do.

    I'm at the end of week 5 of 6 of the 150 dips program, a full month to work up to 150 consecutive should mean I reach the goal.

    I've attended 2 of 6 Thursday kettlegirls classes for level 1, the second was tonight, enjoying it greatly (although walking around come Friday/Saturday I may change my tune). I am hoping to graduate to level 2 come Summer term. Then Autumn term I can do the circuits. Whoot.

    I have entered the Spartan Race. It is done. I am niggling scared of having to pullup my own body weight already, hoping that with decreased body weight : muscle, it'll be fine.
    My Gorilla Run suit arrived today, it is HOT in there!! I've set up a fundraising page and after working up to 10k will hope that 7km in a suit doesn't melt me toooo bad.

    So.. I swung back up over the line a bit last week. Still, at just under 2lb a week loss I'll reach healthy weight for May. Hopefully mid-Jan will serve as a reminder of what I don't want out of life...  I'm down 25% of my start weight since 7 months ago, another 9 months to do get to 50% start weight is possible, if I work hard (and sweat away a stone in the gorilla suit).

    I have not swum or cycled at all yet this year, but hadn't planned to start upping Triathlon distances until May, must get back to using the bike at the gym and swimming once a week. I have not even seen the sea, but that was always intended to be a summer thing!

    30 by 30 is going well, I'm on track to have all done by my birthday. What a year this is going to be!

    Feeling really positive about where I am, where I'm headed. To be fair a lot of it could be post-kettlebell workout endorphins, but it's all relevant. I'm a third of the way through the beginners course, and really can feel the difference just two weeks have made. Carried my smaller kettlebell home with me (that hill, that HILL) and was in awe of how much extra strain it was on my back to have 9lbs hanging from me. A mate on facebook pointed out that I've lost 6-7 of those. Wow. Boost much?!

    Today my gorilla suit arrived for the gorilla run in September - and I set up a fundraising page too. Going to think about where I can take my suit in the run up to the event.

    I feel ready for February, ready to make more progress with this awesome year. Even though this month has not been perfect, it's been worthwhile, and I am stronger and happy for it.

    27/27 ProPoints
    2.25 litres
    4.65 miles

    My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place. And if you wish to go anywhere you must run twice as fast as that.

    I went out and did that last mile. It was a hard mile, because I ran yesterday, and it was 11pm, and cold. I am not well and could have done with a cup of tea and a blanket really. But it was 10 minutes to complete my goal, and that made it easy.

    1.04 miles in 10:28 - next time I see that treadmill I'm doing a 10 minute mile.

    I have run 26.38 miles during January. My first 13in13 goal is done. It's not been as easy as I had thought - I hadn't factored in snow and illness, but I am proud of the way I have pulled myself back to it and completed the miles this week.

    During February I am going to begin the bridge to 10k, as well as completing the 150 dips program, ready for my next 2 goals.

    27/27 ProPoints
    2.25 litres
    2.8 miles

    Wednesday, January 30, 2013

    I wonder if I've been changed in the night? Let me think. Was I the same when I got up this morning? I almost think I can remember feeling a little different.

    Woke up yesterday with a horrid head cold, or carb flu, or both. Nothing that *had* to be done though, so stuck to my pre-planned food, and looked forward to the highlight of my day being cooking the Hairy Dieters chilli con carne. As it stands, the recipe works out at 43 ProPoints. I made it with Heinz five beanz instead of kidney beans, and turkey breast mince, saving 8 ProPoints.

    It was DELICIOUS. Seriously good food. Makes me even more excited to work through the book now. These guys know how to make easy to follow, tasty food maps!

    In the evening I felt a fair bit better than I had been, still bunged up and sweaty, but lost the headache. So I kicked myself out for a run. With 4.26 miles left to hit the marathon distance, I had to get out and get a fair distance done. Tonight Sam was going to be out at Les Mis until late, and Thursday I have kettlebells. That's the end of January, and without those 4 miles I'd have failed my first goal!

    I aimed for 3.3 miles, the furthest I have run yet. Leaving me a mile run to do late on wednesday. My legs felt heavy as I set out, and I was a little concerned if I'd manage it. Started trying to work out if I could break it into two two mile runs..

    Pushed myself on though, and actually hit 5k in 35:30, the fastest I've managed since starting up again. I did a total 3.4 miles in 38:58, and would have kept going if my front door hadn't been in the way.

    Leaves me just under a mile to hit the 26.2 I set myself for January. It has been more of a challenge than I imagined, and completing that mile will be a real victory!

    27/27 ProPoints
    2.25 litres
    4.4 miles

    Today I woke feeling a lot better than yesterday, and down 3.5lbs from two days ago. Sweating out that gain! I had fun emails - my kettlebells instructor checking I wanted my order of a 4kg kettlebell brought to class on Thursday, confirmation of my place on the training module next week, and that my Gorilla Run suit is out for delivery.

    After yesterdays' success in the kitchen, I felt ready to try another recipe. A BBC Goodfoods gluten free Lemon drizzle cake. Yum. Made with mashed potato. I trust Goodfood, not yet had a disaster following their recommended recipes.. but MASH?!

    Oh my goodness. It is lush. Made it with GF doves farm SF flour instead of the ground almonds to save ProPoints, and in two shorter cakes to make having smaller slices easier. The nut-free recipe is 72 ProPoints, or 9pp for a decent slice, and tastes SO good. Really zesty flavour, moist and light. NICE.

    Really enjoyed having some yummy lemon drizzle that wasn't uber-high grain. No way I'd guess that it was a) GF or b) MASH!

    Have booked the clothesforcash collection, and finally got on with doing more dips, week 5 day 3 today. Not quite sure that just 3 more sessions will see me able to do 150 in one go, but I have 4 weeks to get it done to reach my goal.

    Week 5 Day 3 Level 2 : Total Reps - 226
    Sets - 23, 23, 26, 26, 22, 22, 26, (58+)
    performed +4 on last set - Total Reps - 230

    I will do the week 5 exhaustion test on Saturday, and imagine I'll be sent to do week 5 level 3. I am so ready to manage 150, and then never do more than 20-50 a day ever again.

    Tuesday, January 29, 2013

    Foods that make you grow bigger....

    I spent a little while on Sunday night, thinking of ways I could excuse myself from going to meeting. I could gym instead. Or sleep. Or, or, or. I told Sam, he said I needed to go, and after admitting that actually he has realised he has food addiction problems too (weight loss stall is because he is secretly buying and eating junk), he agreed to come to meetings for a month to see if it gives him the extra eyes he needs.

    With Sam going along, I decided to woman up, and face the music.

    Text my leader to say I was trying to hide, and not to let me.

    weekly miles - 22
    previous weight - 171 BMI 29.4
    current weight - 176 BMI 30.2
    Gain - 5lb
    % gain - 2.9%

    Lovely. 5lbs. FIVE. So. I want those all OFF for next week. Means eating clean and working out hard. I can do this.

    Sam weighed in 6lbs up from a week or two ago. He's got all his materials now, and has signed up for a monthly pass to give it a real go. Being ridiculous sized, he's on 57 propoints. So I'll basically feed him double of what I eat. Boo.

    After meeting I went to the gym. First time in 12 days. The weights were fine, although my quads still aren't happy with me after kettlebells. Got a mile done on the treadmill in 10:35. Fastest mile I've done that I know of. Going to aim to do a 10 minute mile next time I see a treadmill.

    Treadmill - 10m35s mile.
    Xtrainer aerobics workout 5 - 15min 2.5km

    Shoulder press 20kg 3x12
    Fly  42.5kg 3x12
    Leg press 70kg 3x12
    Leg extension 45kg 3x12
    Adductor 28kg 3x12 l6
    Abductor 49kg 3x12
    Pulldown 40kg 3x12

    After a pitstop at home to shower and make dinner, it was time to head out to Beavers, and then training afterwards. Completed my 'essential' training modules now. I have 3 years left in which to complete the others, although I'd like to get them done inside this year. Fundamentals module is booked for next week and the full day First Aid course booked for April.

    Got home and felt a bit rough, with a headache, so headed straight to bed. Woke up today with a carb cold - feel fluey, and full of mucus - sweating out the rubbish. Was down 1.5lbs already this morning, going to keep chugging my water and get this body back to feeling good.

    27/27 ProPoints
    2.25 litres
    7.10 miles

    Lost my muchness

    Big weekend of clocking things that were beginning to be a problem.. I'm going to have a gain tomorrow. That's ok. It's deserved and I can cope with that. I know how I'm going to make sure the next time I get on those scales, I'll see 4-5lbs off again. I'm retaining water, and have eaten over my weeklies the last 3 days.

    Front end of the week was fine, I stuck to points, tracked and exercised as much as I could considering the SNOW. Slowly though, the lack of real activity caught up with me. I spent more and more time sat and feeling hungry, wanting 'fun' food and not feeling motivated to do much of anything.

    On Thursday, I was struggling. Craving sugar all day, and used some of my weekly propoints. Still, I had tracked everything and went to and ENJOYED kettlebells, even if I was terrified and it was hard. As soon as I left I felt amazing at having conquered my fear of joining a class like that. There were people fainting, and having to sit out, and I realised how silly my fear had been. It's a BEGINNERS class, I wasn't about to be surrounded by The Avengers and made to feel useless. After walking up the very icy hill home, I was knackered and so hungry.

    Slippy alley of doom - very steep narrow path - had to pull myself up!

    On Friday I woke up with VERY SORE LEGS. I couldn't sit or bend without a lot of tightness and pain. Even without the ice it would have been impossible to get out and run, or go to the gym. I sat at home and ate crap with the kids after attempting to go to swimming lessons and deciding to give up and head home. Looked around me as I sat feeling bored, cross, hungry, and realised my environment wasn't helping.

    With all the snow, and bad ice I've been 'trapped'. No getting out to run. No going to the gym. The ice on the pavements makes taking all the kids out alone too dangerous. While having a pity party about the fact I was eating crap and not gymming, I realised that a lot of the mad eating/feeling down to environment. chaos.

    Sort chaos, feel better, be better.

    Bag of size 16 clothes, being sent away before I'm tempted to grow back into them.

    On Saturday Sam was off and I could have attempted getting to the gym, but my thighs and bum were still so, so tight. Walking downstairs I needed to support myself. After tackling my bedroom and decluttering and cleaning it through, I went into Croydon with Seth to fetch live food for the reptiles, and bought him another little gecko to add to his colony.

    Walking down the stairs in the bus. Ohahahaha. Ouch. But I did it. By the time we'd been out for an hour, my legs were a lot less tight. I got my room finished and ended Saturday feeling a lot better than I'd started it.

    I had hoped to get to the gym on Sunday, but Sam made a last minute decision to go paintballing, and wouldn't be back until evening. Instead I went and properly cleared through the kids' room/ basement. Managed to clear out bags and bags of outgrown toys and clothes. Happiness is current toys having proper homes.

    Once Sam was home I knew had to to go run. With 8.4 miles left to do before Friday it was run, or fail to achieve my first goal. So I RAN, IT HURT. I felt sick, truly felt like I might vomit a few times. I had a stitch in my side. All the crap inside my poor body was causing much trouble. Got round and did my 5k though. 20.94 miles down 5.26 to go.

    Friday - 1 mile

    Saturday - 3.5 miles

    Sunday - 4 miles

    Friday, January 25, 2013

    Snow good for me..

    No running happened Wednesday night. It was slick with ice out by the time Sam got in, and dark. Tried to convince myself that I'd be fine, but the risk of injury is just not worth it. Decided instead to use the treadmill (ugh) at the gym after I finished my kettlebell class the next day.

    26/26 ProPoints
    2 litres
    2.5 miles

    Woke up absolutely knackered yesterday, had gotten a rubbish nights sleep, with all 4 kids up and waking me through the night.

    Feeling better than I had been though, now that the carb and sugar cravings have backed off. Made sure that each time I fixed myself something to eat, I was getting more protein again and enjoyed a BIG plate of roast veggies for lunch.

    Not being able to get out to gym/run this week has left me cross. I'm fed up with snow big time. Aide from wanting to be able to get out and run, I miss getting to take the kids out and walk and feel a bit stuck because it's dangerous. Even with care to walk slowly/avoid the really bad hill, the kids get cold so fast.. and no car means we HAVE to journey through the cold and back, to do anything else. Stuck.

    My shoulder feels mostly better, and was fine during my kettlebells class. I was shocked at how much of a workout it was. Granted, I've had a week off pretty much, but still. My legs were like jelly after, and I have proper DOMS this morning. I can see that doing it 3x a week would *really* get a person fit, fast.

    26/26 ProPoints
    2 litres
    4.5 miles

    Today I am trying to work out how best to make sure I complete my first 13in13 goal. Still have over 8 miles to cover in the next 7 days to do it. I was hoping to get to the gym on Sunday, and attempt to go for a long, slow jog on Saturday, but if the ice is this bad I will have to brave the treadmill to get those miles covered!

    I want to. I suppose that I must just face the treadmill though, if I want to get the marathon done. The annoying thing today is that I will be at the gym, to take the kids to their swimming lesson, but there's no way I can leave them downstairs to go workout!!

    .... ETA

    Just got an email through from WalkTheWalk, to say registration is open for volunteers for the Moonwalk. Have submitted my form, and registered interest for the 'SunWalk' too. Yay!


    Wednesday, January 23, 2013

    Bouncing back. (slowly!)

    Stuck to my points Monday, dealt with headache and stiff aching back and shoulders by RESTING them, not eating everything.

    Sat in the evening and sorted out meal plans and did the online shop. My Hairy Dieters cookbook arrived on Friday, and I am going to cook through it by choosing 2 recipes to follow each week. Excitement. Chose the leek lasagne and chilli con carne for next weeks' two, both beef, both hearty winter food, yum.

    26/26 ProPoints
    2 litres
    2 miles

    Come yesterday morning my weekend of eating all the things had caught up with me. The scale showed me up 5lbs. 0_0 I know a lot of that is water weight, I ate lots of junk, but not 17,500 kcal extra!!
    Headache was much less painful, though I still felt tight and tired. Neck spasm was less awful too. My right arm is weakened, cannot lift much with it. Hoping it will be back to normal by Thursdays' kettlebells session.

    Tuesday has become my 'day off' - Sam is usually not working 3/4 Tuesdays, and I have no commitments at all outside the home/with the kids, so I spent the day resting between doing bits of housework. Ate within my propoints but kept things quite high carb so I didn't have a bad crash. Meant I couldn't eat lots, and felt hungry. To avoid eating I got to go have a nap after the bins/shopping were done. Leaving Sam and the xbox in charge for a couple of hours. Felt much better by the afternoon, and if it hadn't been so slushy and icy, would have gone for a run.

    Remembered a couple of days ago that I had two tickets to go see Blood Red Shoes. The twins asked if they could come, so I ordered a third ticket to be held at the venue, and we set off in the icy slush for Shepherds Bush.

    We spent an hour bouncing around to the new album, and by the time we got in the girls were proper post-gig buzzing, kinda cute!!

    Didn't dance quite as much as Ginger, my shoes were still their original colourway, but had a really good time and earned some miles.

    26/26 ProPoints
    2 litres
    4.5 miles

    Today I'm feeling pretty much back to normal, my arm still feels a bit off, so I'm resting it until kettlebells tomorrow. Have been able to get on about my usual jobs without noticing it much though. Back to eating my regular foods, and the lack of sugar is making me feel a little tetchy, but I can see it for what it is, and know a  few days of proper food and exercise, and I'll be good. Food hangover SUCKS.

    Assuming Sam gets home from work alright, I'm hoping to head out for a run. If it's very icy I'll just do a quick jog over the nature reserve, but I need to get those last 8 miles done by next week, not about to fall at the first hurdle of my 13in13!!

    Monday, January 21, 2013


    Well, reaped my rewards for a weekend of stupid. Absolutely no loss on the scales. Meeting was cancelled because of the snow, so at least my stinky, fuggy self could face the music alone, at home.

    My belly feels all stodged up.
    My head too.

    And my weight is.

    The pain, bloating and wasted effort are not something I'm prepared to 'pay' for dollops of Nutella. Nope.

    No Beavers later tonight either, so I can use today and tomorrow while Sam is off work to have my headache and just Deal With It. Get back to eating good food, and tracking and not being a numpty. The joint pain is less awful than yesterday, and my gut is less explosive. Hoping that by tomorrow the head will feel better too.

    weekly miles - 28.65
    previous weight - 171 BMI 29.4
    current weight - 171 BMI 29.4
    Loss - 0lb
    % loss - 0%

    I am still 118% of my goal weight, with 15 weeks left to GetReadyForEddie. Still on track to hit that goal, but *need* to be losing 1.5-2lb a week to do it.
    I really, really want to be a healthy weight for summer. Rachael lost a staggering 5.6lb this week, and is now 108% of her target. Erm, yeh. Kicked My Bum.

    Going to spend today making sure I'm eating real food and drinking water. Go for a decent run tomorrow, and hope to get back to the gym once the snow clears a bit. Have my first kettlebells class on Thursday. Hope to gym Weds/Fri/Sun. I want to shift a decent chunk for next week - still would like to see myself out of the 12 stones for February!

    Sunday, January 20, 2013


    So much snow! The kids have LOVED it. We've gone sledding, made a snowman, laid in it to make snow angels and gone for runs in it..

    It's Been Fun.

    But the food - eekz. I've not tracked for the whole weekend, and worse, I've eaten CRAP.

    Even worse. I've inadvertently eaten wheat gluten. Having a horrid gut reaction to it too. Reckon iot was in some granola I had Saturday evening & again Sunday morning.

    But then resisting eating ALL THE FOOD once I realised, that was hard. It feels, at the time, that eating more will ease the pain. It's not true, and this time I didn't fall for it. Which I'm glad of now.

    Did get out during the day though, took the kids down to the park and went sledging, so much fun to see all 4 of them going down together. ^_^

    2.95 miles

    Saturday night I was in agony. Kept waking through the night needing to poo, had really gnarly IBS and wind like DEATH. Really disgusting and painful. Up every 10 minutes between 3-5am with gutache.

    Sunday - was full of stench-nasty wind, burping acid breath and sharting joint aches.. Not well. Constant pain interspersed with heartburn and a 'stitch' like feeling in my ribs.

    Went out and ran anyway, in fact while I was moving I felt better. Stoopid autoimmune issue. Did 2.5km with Maya, who coped brilliantly considering the snow/cold!

    2.55 miles

    This weekend was bad. A real reminder of why I need to not eat like this. I didn't binge, but I didn't eat to fuel my body. I've hurt myself and I'm annoyed that the loss I should have had this week, is bloated away.

    Saturday, January 19, 2013

    Birthday blowout.

    Thursday I woke up in pain. Had a headache that I could not shift, despite drinking lots of water, wearing my glasses and eating properly. I had no patience, awful cramps, and lots of niggly last minute jobs to get done for Kai's birthday the next day. *grump*

    By the end of the day, with impending snow and a plate headache, I decided not to go to the kettle bells taster session. I'm booked on to the course starting next week anyway, and needed time to wrap pressies, do the cake and attempt to sort my head/attitude out.

    Ridiculous cycle of a period every other week has wiped me. I've felt grouchy and tired and hungry and stroppy all week. I made the decision to just eat without tracking for the birthday, knowing I'd go WAY over, but then give my head a break and hopefully stop feeling 'stuck' and get my eating back to 'normal' the next day.

    26/26 ProPoints
    2 litres
    3 miles

    My baby boy is SIX. This is ridiculous. I remember sitting him on my lap on his 2nd birthday, in this house, so proud of myself for hitting my goal of being under 180lbs. Now I'm around 7-8lb lighter, and eating like I'm trying to reach that weight again! I had chips, and beans, and sausages, and cake, and nutella, and Dr Pepper. AND LOADS OF CHOCOLATE. But, I did not binge. I did stop when full/had enough. I did not eat wheat. Just lots and lots of sugar. 0_0 And no water. And sat on my bum.

    By the time the kids were in bed, I felt really fed up with being sat. So I did my dips, and made plans to get out in the snow the next day.

    Week 5 Day 2 Level 2 : Total Reps - 206
    Sets - 23, 23, 26, 26, 18, 18, 20, (52+)
    performed +4 on last set - Total Reps - 210

    One more day of week 5, then if I can do over 60 consecutive dips on the next exhaustion test (which I should as I managed 56 today after doing 7 sets of around 20 already) I'll be 3 workouts away from potentially COMPLETING the challenge. Am assuming I'll need to do week 6 up to 3 times though, giving myself until the end of next month to manage to do it. Feeling good about being on target for my first 2 goals for 13in13.

    ProPoints - many, many.
    no water
    2 miles

    Thursday, January 17, 2013

    Halfling ran 5k!

    Attempted to go to the gym on Tuesday night, but my brother was shattered once I got down to his (he's in the middle of long shifts at work) so decided to head back home and then go for a run instead. Once I got in Maya was begging me not to head back out, I was still achey and cold, and she asked to run with me the next day. As Sam was around in the morning anyway, I changed my plans again.

    Woke up in the morning to discover that after a week 'off' my 'time of the 'fortnight' was back again. Explaining the huge amounts of hunger, angst and aches that are plaguing me near constantly now. Still, I'd promised myself, and Maya, a run. So we set out before lunchtime.

    She'd said a few times now that she wants to 'do' running. Her goal was to run 5k before her 5th birthday. All the kids walk a lot, and are really active and fit, they will run around all day without getting tired. Still, to run and pace yourself at just 4 is a different beast. I said to her that I'd aim for us to run to Sainsburys and back, around 1.5 miles, and and in extra roads if we wanted to go further, and stop and walk if she wanted.

    She ran, without stopping (except when she fell, but picked herself up and kept going without a pause) for 40 minutes. And covered 5km. Her first go at attempting a run to work to a 5k distance, and she did it. I was AMAZED at her. She struggled the last mile, but never stopped moving her little legs. As soon as we finished, she was celebrating, and shouting "Legs, I love you, Body, you is awesome!" I'm totally inspired by her.

    Carrying victory girl back home..
    first 5k, aged 4 years 7 months ^_^


    At home we ate chocolate fudge cake and a BIG gluten free lasagne. Took me WELL into my weekly points but I'm just SO hungry. Needed to do it if I was going to gym in the evening. Which I did..

    Cycle around the world 5 - 15min 7.68km
    Xtrainer aerobics workout 5 - 15min 2.47km

    Shoulder press 20kg 3x12
    Fly 42.5kg 3x12
    Leg press 70kg 3x12
    Leg extension 45kg 3x12
    Adductor 28kg 3x12 l6
    Abductor 49kg 3x12
    Pulldown 40kg 3x12

    Soooo many newbies at the gym. Lots of machine hogging and waiting around to get my circuit done, but guess it'll ease off in a few weeks time.

    Got home and began plotting putting Kai's birthday cake together for Friday, unfortunately it resulted in me eating a load of Mini Eggs, but I have worked out what I can do for him, so not all bad. Just need to buy replacement eggs...

    Tues -
    26/26 ProPoints
    2 litres
    3.5 miles

    Weds -
    45/26 ProPoints
    2 litres
    9.5 miles

    Tuesday, January 15, 2013

    'Back to school'

    After posting yesterday, I got on and *did ALL the things.* Once I'd sorted paperwork, recycling and forms, I got my Nan's birthday card written, found correct postage and photos to send with it, as well as a thankyou card from the kids' for their Chrimbo loot, and managed to get them all into the post before last collection.

    Ordered a live planted Azalea with chocolates to be delivered this morning (and had a very happy Nan on the phone when they arrived - she's said turning 80 has been her best birthday ever, bless her ^_^) don't think she'd got the post yet, but she was saying she'd loved seeing some recent photos of my lot when dad visited her at the weekend, so imagine she'll like having hard copies to show her friends when they meet up for her birthday this afternoon.

    After a quick lunch I got on with helping Seth sort his scrapbook page to go back with 'Woody' *the very important member of the beaver colony* (I may have just typed "'Woody' the soft toy" and been reprimanded by a certain 7 year old for being so blasé).

    Beavers' group was MAD. 4 new kids, lots of overexcited and silliness. Games night is always a goodbad idea for start of term. Unlikely they'd manage anything more brainpowered, but I just wait for a collision. Thankfully all left in the same state they'd arrived in, and after chucking my two into my brothers' car to get home I headed out to my first training module.

    Two hours of information packing, lots of paperwork and planning for further training before my actual duties at Beavers get more time-consuming later, a very tired me arrived home with a little certificate showing I'm actively training for my volunteer role, and a date in April for completing a First Aid course. Not just useful for saving lives, but also another item ticked off my 30 by 30 list!

    26/26 ProPoints
    2 litres
    5.15 miles

    Monday, January 14, 2013

    Brrrr, happy Monday!

    Oh wow, it's cold out there. Light dusting of snow when I woke up, meant the girls wanted to come out with me to weightwatchers this morning. We all bundled up, put on our trainers and ran to the meeting. Noses, ears and fingers red with cold.

    Not as busy as last week, but still busier than usual. I was pleased to see that despite eating over my daily allowance, I had lost a decent amount, and it was genuine *need* for food that saw me using my weekly points a bit.

    Reckon going out for a run last night instead of scoffing the munchy foods with my family on the sofa helped there a bit!

    weekly miles - 37.25
    previous weight - 173.5 BMI 29.8
    current weight - 171 BMI 29.4
    Loss - 2.5lb
    % loss - 1.44%

    We were talking about the importance of eating a good filling breakfast. I am a bit stuck in my ways now. I have an omelette. Or occasionally porridge. That is it. It doesn't bore me. I feel good and fed after either, I like the taste. There's no work in it now, it's a routine.

    So, didn't really need to be in the meeting this morning, except there was a breastfeeding mum needing advice and I got called on there. ^_^ Was lovely to see her face as she told me that actually she was still feeding him morning and night, at 17 months, and I just grinned and said the girls still fed on occasion. She'd had to go from an allowance on 42 to 27 points, as feeding him alongside solids she was told 'didn't count' - I said that in her position I'd use all my weeklies and see how she goes, better to keep losing at a healthy rate than feel strung out and feeding become an issue when they're doing so wonderfully.

    Came home and after working out that I've now less than 2 stone to lose to be 'healthy' did a little victory dance and then had some chocolate fudge and a latte, mmm treaty. I still don't feel like a 'dieter' at all when I get to relax and enjoy really 'naughty' moments like those.

    All sugared/caffeinated up, I've started out on some of the niggly jobs that need doing. Have filled another 30kg bag of too big clothes, and have it ready to be picked up. Paperwork is all sorted through and filed, and form replies posted.

    I won't be going to gym today, as neither my mum/brother will poke their noses out. I can't make time to get there and back on the bus, I have my Nan's 80th birthday tomorrow, got to get her pressie ordered and sent, as well as getting a card autographed by her great grandchildren, and posted. I've got to do a scrapbook page with Seth for beavers before tonight, then after Beaver group I have a training module to go to until late. Walking and life activity will have to do for today, am intending to gym Tues, Weds and Fri this week, run Thurs and Sat. Then family day at MILs on Sunday. It's not a busy week on paper, but I've lots of little 'bits' to do, and so it'll be a good test of whether this healthier lifestyle is becoming a habit, rather than something I'm 'working' at all. the. time.

    Going to make a snack type lunch - ham/cheese/apple/salad and maize streaky crisps. Then get card/pressie done and sent, work on the scrap page with Seth and hope to get dinner cooked and eaten before I have to head out for the chilly walk to Beavers!!

    Sunday, January 13, 2013

    Sunday 'I've done half my January goal' Runday

    Last day of this first week back on 'normal' weighhtwatchers plan. Not as 100% focused every day, trying to keep on top of Chrimbo temptation. I've felt run down and irritable. I've eaten chocolate nearly every day.

    But then.. I've tracked, I've not gone over my weeklies, or touched any earned activity points. In fact I have 18 weekly propoints left, and 29 earned. I've gone to the gym and done my planned runs and dips, and archery. I'm doing FINE. I should have a loss tomorrow at the scale

    I'm being a regular, moderate kind of person. It feels uncomfortable at times, but it's ok. Today I did go and do my 35 minute run, and logged another 3 miles, taking me to just over the halfway point for my January goal. I've now run 13.11 miles in the first 2 weeks of January. It feels good to be well on my way to having my first goal achieved.

    After getting in from my (very cold, omgosh there is snow coming) run, I got on and did my dips. Finding these so, so hard, but need to persevere to achieve my goal for February!

    Week 5 Day 1 Level 2 : Total Reps - 186
    Sets - 36, 45, 32, 28, (45+)
    performed +4 on last set - Total Reps - 190

    Ouch! Achey shakey arms!! But I have 6 more weeks, I *will* do all I can to reach that goal. (and then never do more than 25 a time ever again!!!

    Doing the shopping order earlier, and found Sainsburys' have massively increased their won range of gluten free bits - have some ready made pizza, and lasagne (LASAGNE!!) coming to make this (busy, training and new kettlebell class and Sam out at meetings, and family do and Kai's birthday!!) week's food easier for me. Excitement.

    37/27 ProPoints (yeh, We had seasalt chocolate, le yum)
    2 litres
    4.5 miles

    Saturday, January 12, 2013

    Saturday Matinee..

    Finished sorting through my weightwatchers bits, and have put away all the old stuff, keeping out only the pieces that are about what I am focusing on in 2013.

    1. GetReadyForEddie
    2. 13 in 13
    3. 30 by 30
    I have made goals, and followed up by making sure I've planned to reach them. I'm keeping the list above in the front of my weightwatchers book, to see it each week I weigh in. The weight coming off is just a PART of what I'm doing. Need to keep focused on grabbing the life I want and living it.

    I've moved the 4 stones given to me at meeting (to replace the 4 I've lost, hardy har) in my purse, carrying those around and seeing them every time I buy something is another good reminder of where I've got to already.

    Took the boys to a pantomime today, with their Beaver group. Malachi joins this week, a few days ahead of his 6th *sob* birthday. He looked so gorgeous in Seth's old his new top. But I had an emotional 'how are my babies growing up so fast, omgosh stop the ride please!!!' moment.

    We all had a good time at the panto, Seth really loved the atmosphere and Kai managed to take it all in and enjoy it, although I felt he had more lines than anyone on stage, ahem.
    I've been fighting a headache brewing all week,  pretty sure the icy cold isn't helping. After 2.5 hours of 6-8 year olds screaming at the drag queen Dame, I was hurting.

    Medicated with chocolate on the way home (mmm, creme egg!!) and when Sam came in and asked for a takeaway, as I was working up to asking the same, as Seth said 'can we have a Chinese night?' .. yeh. JustEat, £13.50 and happy stodgy tummies (yay for sharing meals, cooking our own rice/veg and us all loving the same food!)

    40/27 ProPoints CHINESE!!
    2 litres
    2.6 miles

    Friday Findings

    Took an hour in the morning to clear through the kitchen clutter hot-spot. As I dug through the paperwork that had escaped being sotred previously, I found a bunch of weightwatchers stuff that had been pulled out from a top cupboard.

    There were loads of monthly passes, and my old weigh in cards, from 2008 until now. Seeing more than 50 months' worth of tracked weights really showed me how *much* time I have spent fighting. I am proud that despite it being I battle, I've kept battling. Yeh, I've fallen down many times, but I've got back up every. single. one of them.

    I found a GoApe! Leaflet in there too, from 2011. I'd wanted to go as soon as I saw it. Had a quick look over the leaflet, and remembered why I didn't -

    Unable to fit harness. The maximum waist measurement of the customer harness is 110 cm and leg loops is 70 cm. Anyone who does not fit into a harness correctly cannot participate on the course. Instructor check.

    Oooh ouch. Yes. At 234lbs both my waist and leg measurements would have been over the limits, without any clothing on.

    around 220lbs

    Extra long straps on a baby carrier. Yeesh.
    My poor, hardworking body.
    Not the case now though, and I'd forgotten about the issue, instead just focusing on which venue I'd like to try it, and how to get friends to come with..

    Gym in the evening was good, despite being fuelled by christmas cake (gluten free, bought for me from a Costa by the yeti - I blame hormones, but this week called for using some of those weeklies!!)

    Xtrainer aerobics l5 5km 31:51min

    Shoulder press 20kg 3x12
    Fly 45kg 3x12
    Leg press 70kg 3x12
    Leg extension 45kg 3x12
    Adductor 35kg 3x12 l5
    Abductor 49kg 3x12
    Pulldown 40kg 3x12

    I don't have a photo of my cake - far too involved with SHOVING it into my gob to think to photo it, but it WAS GOOOOOOOOD.

    35/27 ProPoints
    2 litres
    7 miles

    Thursday, January 10, 2013

    Throatache Thursday

    Really bloody awful sleep. Had 3 of 4 kids in bed by 4am, wriggling and kicking my bladder. Had enough of that when they were in-utero. Once I got up I realised that I wasn't 100%. My throat hurt, I was bunged up and everything felt weak and wobbly.
    Have felt this coming on for a while, think I'm just run down to be honest. Decided to grab a big drink of water and have a carb-y breakfast (savoury pancake, yay!) before getting on with the day.

    As planned last night, I got the clothes and new storage sorted and put away. Have another 10kilos (so far) of too big clothes to send to the clothesforcash people, need to put aside newer/nicer bits for eBay though.

    Went to do my dips, feeling nervous about how wobbly I was, to discover it was a 'test' day. I did 50 before wanting to cry and stopping. Then did another 30. Means I start week 5 down at level 2, which is a relief as I was really struggling with level 3.

    Got the flat tidied, cleaned, kids and me fed (proper food) and the washing done. By the time Sam got home I'd got dinner ready, and an hour later FORCED myself out for a run.

    Have to do 3 more 30 minute runs as per my ease into 5k app - so I set Endomondo up to tell me when I'd hit 30 minutes, and went. Covered 2.7 miles in 32 minutes, which I'm happy enough with. Sure once I feel on top of things again I'll get a bit faster, but it's distance I want to work on anyway. May aim for 35 minutes and 3 miles on Saturday, then do 40 minute runs for the rest of January. Still, am well on task to hit my goal of a marathon over the month.

    I'm now sat, all showered and smooth legged and clean-haired, feeling good post run, having chugged more water. Looking at a steaming cuppa and some lovely shortcake fingers to munch. Naughty treat (and the last of them!)

    Easy enough day tomorrow - Sam has a hospital appointment in London, but should be home in time to have Kai while I take Seth and the girls to their swimming lessons. New group/teacher for Seth, and first lesson for the twins, so am happy to be able to be there and focus on them completely, rather than keeping Kai from stripping and running into the pool!

    Gym in the evening. Plotting some nice heavy weights to wrap the week up with.

    27/27 ProPoints
    2 litres
    5.7 miles

    Wednesday, January 09, 2013

    Wardrobe Wednesday

    Yesterday was an ok day - a day where the healthy eating/activity took a back seat while I did other stuff though. I do need those days, but stay aware that too much of that is not optimal. I stayed on points, but looking at what I ate yesterday, it was BEIGE, and just not the best food. And yes, I walked 3 miles. But that's not going to keep me lean and fit long term.

    Today I had a Beaver's group planning meeting booked for the evening, and Sam working all day, so no time at all to gym, or to run (unless I go after the meeting, which I might be able to, but cannot count on). It was going to be another of those days, I can accept that. Seeing as I couldn't get active outside, I made plans to use my body and get stuff done, inside.

    My rickety old canvas wardrobe is dead. It's 10 years old and leans like the tower of Pisa. I spent 2 hours clearing it out, dismantling it and working out new storage for my clothes. Also meant deep cleaning the space it had been in, and sorting through my clothes really carefully as I want to save space. I had a load of new storage bits arrive from Argos sale today. Got to spend the front end of tomorrow going through and re-homing everything. Need to be brutal with clothing as I have too much biggish stuff again, need to keep on top of making sure I don't have baggy clothes to eat my way bigger in!

    Another day on points, but not *brilliant* food - I did enjoy those biscuits for a snack though, not had biscuits in over a year. Needed some gluten free ones for our fridge cake today, and had 5 left over to share with Kai.

    They weren't bad! Ham salad for lunch meant enough ProPoints left for a decent wedge of chocolate fudge fridge cake. ^_^

    Going to have some freefrom shortcake fingers as a snack tomorrow, but otherwise eat 'proper' food, as I need to be fuelled well for my run in the evening, as well as get my dips done. Then have gym Friday, run Saturday and get out for a walk/gym again on Sunday. Enough slacking!!

    Plan for tomorrow - put up all new storage stuff and pack away clothes/dvds/photos etc. Do dips. Run. Eat well.

    27/27 ProPoints
    2 litres
    4 miles

    Tuesday, January 08, 2013

    Temptation Tuesday

    I stayed in bed until 9am! Whoot. Felt really tired though, and achey. Those 3 weeks of keeping on target 100% had caught up with me. I had a scratchy throat, and my legs were heavy. Attempted to go for my 5k run, but decided a good bath and stretches, and to have 2 days 'rest' from cardio might be a plan.

    Got the house cleaned up and made cooked breakfasts for the crew before prepping my own food to take over to mum-in-law's today.

    My plan was to go to Tony's tattoos in Reigate and get another character added to my sleeve, so I had a nice bowl of porridge for my crampy legs, made a big pepper and onion omelette to take with me for later and set out for the afternoon.

    Stopped at the station to grab a latte. If I'm not needing lots of good fuel for exercise, then eggnog to feed my soul is gooooood.

    Got to Reigate and found that Mike (the artist doing my 80's sleeve) was not in that day. So, instead of mooching sadly to the house and sulking all afternoon, I got brave. After walking back with Sam and the kids and finding a big enough picture of one of my plotted inks, I wandered back and asked Tony to ouch my back. Meant getting my flab out which was scary. I still feel horribly mahoosive. But oh wow, I am so, so pleased I did.
    Over a year ago Mike did my lovely boxer girl after I completed the Shred. She's from an artist 'Pinkytoast' who I've bought some artwork from through Etsy, and follow on Flickr. For ages I have wanted a portrait 'for me' but not of me.. then I saw this Seahorse/Unicorn/Beautifulness, and knew I'd found 'the one'.

    Have a while to decide on colours, but I can't wait to see her once she's all shaded!

    Went back to the house, and got given a present. Looked at it a while, saw it was 130g (!) double checked that chocolate still had many carbs (yes) and calories (yea) and so said thankyou, but explained that I just couldn't budget for it!

    After a few minutes pouting and saying goodbye to the chocman, I did grrrl up and eat my (cold but yummy omelette  and had a smaller chrimbo chocolate thing (that did not get photographed because I was so wanting the choccy that I was in danger of eating the outer foil).

    Spent a couple of hours chatting and plotting a big get together for a couple of weeks' time. Think the plan is to have bro-in-law do the food, with his moile pizza oven of wonder, so I'm going to have to do take-along foods for me, Sam and Kai to avoid wheat (and so I don't end up getting stuck eating high-point buffet stuff).
    Certainly makes things easier for me to plan.

    Got home around 8.30pm to find a note from a courier to say we had a package left at another flat for us, it was the halflings' running shoes and my audio belt, wahey! Hoping to start taking them out to do the c25k in the next few days time. ^_^

    27/27 ProPoints
    2 litres
    3.2 miles

    Monday, January 07, 2013

    Aim, Shoot, Ignite!

    Didn't get out to the gym at lunchtime, as the husbeast 'needed' to go have a coffee (on my loyalty card) how very dare he have a social life! I shuffled everything back, meant that I couldn't have my big planned chipolata stir fry for lunch, or I'd have suffered at the weights when I went at 3pm - so I enjoyed a thoroughly yummy, but unhealthy mid-day 'meal' of a big latte macchiato and Cadbury Wishes. Yum.

    Brekkie - cheesy omelette and sauteed mushrooms & onion.
    'Lunch' occasional 'naughtiness' is good for the soul.
    Gym was good - not too busy, considering the time of year - but then again I saw 5/6 people having their induction sessions in the hour I was there...

    Cross Trainer aerobics 30minutes -  4.42km 
    Shoulder press 20kg 3x12
    Fly  45kg 3x12
    Leg press 70kg 3x12
    Leg extension 45kg 3x12
    Adductor 35kg 3x12
    Abductor 49kg 3x12
    Pulldown 40kg 3x12

    Took all the weights down 5kg, as I wanted to avoid t-rex arms tonight at my archery session. Got in, made my yummy dinner, showered and found some non-baggy/loose clothing as advised by email. And set off ready to play with pointy sticks after wolfing down my food (which I will have again (and enjoy) on Wednesday, it was so good!!)

    Gluten free chipolata, beansprouts, peashoots and mixed crunchy veg. yum.
    I was SO nervous on my way to archery - what I'm after is to feel badass like Katniss (without the hunger, weird love triangle and general homeless, dystopian lifestyle..)

     I'm pretty sure my girls are picturing me as Merida in Brave - I'm thinking I'm kind of more like a BABY Merida... 'Bravette'

    'Can I shoot an arrow? Can I? Can I?'
    Regardless, I choose to listen to both film soundtracks on the way to Bermondsey, in the hope that somehow I'd Be Awesome on arrival. It was a mad journey too - was running late and really thought I'd missed it, but ran through London Bridge for my connecting train and JUST made it. (Thanks C25K!)

    Enjoyed the session, got to fire a few rounds and had a competition over 4 rounds. I came second in the class with 96/120 - my partner Annu won with 99. (Yay for grrrls with bows!!)
    ^_^ Feel happy with an 80% accuracy rate. Not too bad?! Am feeling very up for the idea of completing the beginners course now. Even if I hadn't scored well, I found it enjoyable.

    My first lone shoot - red arrows. Wish I'd gotten a pic of my x,10,9 go!
    Wandered back to Bermondsey with Annu, who told me she tried a new sport each New Year and recommended Fencing as good fun, then jumped on the train home.

    Now happily in my warm home, comfy in my fleecey PJs, having an apple and a cuppa and looking forward to a later start tomorrow.

    Sam is off, we don't have to 'go' anywhere until the afternoon, so I am planning to stay in bed as long as possible, then get out for a daylight 5k, bath and head over to mum-in-law's for the afternoon.

    27/27 ProPoints
    2 litres
    10.25 miles

    First weightwatchers of 2013

    Weigh in morning - good to be back, lots of new faces today as usual for January. Was good to see the regulars though, who made noises about how much change they could see in my size. Good to hear, though I still don't really see much change myself, unless comparing photos. No way I could notice a 7lb change.

    I had in mind this note I made back in meeting at the end of November - the thought then of gaining back up to over 14 stone was not a happy one.
    It made me really determined to keep tracking and working hard to get out of obesity by 2013, and to weigh in today 23.5lbs LESS than that number felt so, so good.

    I am only 6lbs away from being back in the 11 stones, somewhere I've not been since 2009, and then it was for a few months before I regained everything. This time it feels less of a battle, and more like the natural course of things, considering my new lifestyle. But having things like this to keep me aware is so important.

    weekly miles - 31.7
    previous weight - 175 BMI 30.0
    current weight - 173.5 BMI 29.8
    Loss - 1.5lb
    % loss - 0.86%

    I got given my 50lb certificate today too - I managed to achieve this milestone before, back in my attempt of 2008/09, but never got further than 74lbs before losing the plot entirely. I'm currently 60.5lbs down, (57.5lb in weightwatchers meeting booklet) - 17.5lbs from getting further than I've ever been - am busy plotting something meaningful to celebrate that milestone, and really chuck all the old yo-yo dieting behind me. I'm hoping to get there around the front end of March. Excitement!!

    Measurement day today, being the first Monday of the month - and as well as hitting a sub 30 bmi, I've got a waist measuring under 32", so no longer at risk for diabetes, and a waist to height ratio of 0.48 - also healthy. Whoot!
    So Much Green!
    Am plotting to gym this afternoon, then head home and do dinner before getting ready to go to my Archery taster session. Am already feeling nervous, I have a weird fear of 'group' activity, if I can't hide behind my headphones/glasses/hat/baggy clothes... am allowed none of those today. Still, if I'm terrible I don't have to go back, and if I enjoy it I'll save to do a beginners' course this year.