Tuesday, January 01, 2013

13 in 13 starts NOW

Hello January, Welcome 2013. You are going to be a year I remember as the year that I proved to myself just How Much I Can Do.

I'm going to be setting myself 12 goals, one a month, based on themes. The 13th challenge will be a BIG ONE. Something to take me out of my comfort zone completely. Amazing yet achievable.

What do you want to achieve? If you could wake up tomorrow and have everything the way you wanted it to be what would it look like? Describe it to us.
If it were possible/healthy, I'd wake up being a size 8-10, so weighing around 115-120lbs, and at a size and weight that fits my build and height. I'd be there by having eaten good, whole foods. I'd be regularly running  and feel able to enter for a half marathon. I'd be going to the gym to maintain fitness, and spend my time focused on living a happy, healthy life, and facilitating my family in doing the same. 
The money and time currently spent on healing my body could be put towards saving for a family car, or a deposit to move to a house with a bit more wriggle room.

I'd feel positive about myself, and use my experience to help others achieve their goals.
Set yourself 12 goals to achieve. 
  1. Run a marathon during January
  2. Perform 150 dips
  3. Complete level 1 kettlebells
  4. Run 10km
  5. Have a healthy BMI
  6. Work up to Sprint Triathlon distances
  7. Swim in the sea
  8. Compete in a Spartan Race
  9. Gorilla Run
  10. Lose 50% of my start weight
  11. Have graduated to Kettlebells circuits
  12. Half Marathon

Your last challenge is a big one. I want you to take yourself completely out of your comfort zone but keep in mind it must be still achievable. I want you to really do something amazing! A race? A challenge? Give up your car for a month? THINK BIG AND ACHIEVABLE! 
I have set myself (a) goal already, that fits this criteria perfectly. To complete my 30 by 30 list, before my 30th birthday in September. It covers completing many of the 12 goals above, as well as pushing me to do 'fun' stuff a bit more. To try out new activities  to make time and space for those ideas I want to make happen , but let fall by the wayside. Not this year.


  1. I love your goals! They make me feel tired just reading them...which gives me even more motivation to keep on with mine!

    1. I feel a bit terrified every time I read them all. But reminding myself that right now I just have to focus on the first one, and the rest will follow.