Monday, January 07, 2013

Aim, Shoot, Ignite!

Didn't get out to the gym at lunchtime, as the husbeast 'needed' to go have a coffee (on my loyalty card) how very dare he have a social life! I shuffled everything back, meant that I couldn't have my big planned chipolata stir fry for lunch, or I'd have suffered at the weights when I went at 3pm - so I enjoyed a thoroughly yummy, but unhealthy mid-day 'meal' of a big latte macchiato and Cadbury Wishes. Yum.

Brekkie - cheesy omelette and sauteed mushrooms & onion.
'Lunch' occasional 'naughtiness' is good for the soul.
Gym was good - not too busy, considering the time of year - but then again I saw 5/6 people having their induction sessions in the hour I was there...

Cross Trainer aerobics 30minutes -  4.42km 
Shoulder press 20kg 3x12
Fly  45kg 3x12
Leg press 70kg 3x12
Leg extension 45kg 3x12
Adductor 35kg 3x12
Abductor 49kg 3x12
Pulldown 40kg 3x12

Took all the weights down 5kg, as I wanted to avoid t-rex arms tonight at my archery session. Got in, made my yummy dinner, showered and found some non-baggy/loose clothing as advised by email. And set off ready to play with pointy sticks after wolfing down my food (which I will have again (and enjoy) on Wednesday, it was so good!!)

Gluten free chipolata, beansprouts, peashoots and mixed crunchy veg. yum.
I was SO nervous on my way to archery - what I'm after is to feel badass like Katniss (without the hunger, weird love triangle and general homeless, dystopian lifestyle..)

 I'm pretty sure my girls are picturing me as Merida in Brave - I'm thinking I'm kind of more like a BABY Merida... 'Bravette'

'Can I shoot an arrow? Can I? Can I?'
Regardless, I choose to listen to both film soundtracks on the way to Bermondsey, in the hope that somehow I'd Be Awesome on arrival. It was a mad journey too - was running late and really thought I'd missed it, but ran through London Bridge for my connecting train and JUST made it. (Thanks C25K!)

Enjoyed the session, got to fire a few rounds and had a competition over 4 rounds. I came second in the class with 96/120 - my partner Annu won with 99. (Yay for grrrls with bows!!)
^_^ Feel happy with an 80% accuracy rate. Not too bad?! Am feeling very up for the idea of completing the beginners course now. Even if I hadn't scored well, I found it enjoyable.

My first lone shoot - red arrows. Wish I'd gotten a pic of my x,10,9 go!
Wandered back to Bermondsey with Annu, who told me she tried a new sport each New Year and recommended Fencing as good fun, then jumped on the train home.

Now happily in my warm home, comfy in my fleecey PJs, having an apple and a cuppa and looking forward to a later start tomorrow.

Sam is off, we don't have to 'go' anywhere until the afternoon, so I am planning to stay in bed as long as possible, then get out for a daylight 5k, bath and head over to mum-in-law's for the afternoon.

27/27 ProPoints
2 litres
10.25 miles

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  1. fantastic. I can't shoot an arrow at all. lol. My husband has tried to teach me, but I usually just thwack my arm.