Tuesday, January 15, 2013

'Back to school'

After posting yesterday, I got on and *did ALL the things.* Once I'd sorted paperwork, recycling and forms, I got my Nan's birthday card written, found correct postage and photos to send with it, as well as a thankyou card from the kids' for their Chrimbo loot, and managed to get them all into the post before last collection.

Ordered a live planted Azalea with chocolates to be delivered this morning (and had a very happy Nan on the phone when they arrived - she's said turning 80 has been her best birthday ever, bless her ^_^) don't think she'd got the post yet, but she was saying she'd loved seeing some recent photos of my lot when dad visited her at the weekend, so imagine she'll like having hard copies to show her friends when they meet up for her birthday this afternoon.

After a quick lunch I got on with helping Seth sort his scrapbook page to go back with 'Woody' *the very important member of the beaver colony* (I may have just typed "'Woody' the soft toy" and been reprimanded by a certain 7 year old for being so blasé).

Beavers' group was MAD. 4 new kids, lots of overexcited and silliness. Games night is always a goodbad idea for start of term. Unlikely they'd manage anything more brainpowered, but I just wait for a collision. Thankfully all left in the same state they'd arrived in, and after chucking my two into my brothers' car to get home I headed out to my first training module.

Two hours of information packing, lots of paperwork and planning for further training before my actual duties at Beavers get more time-consuming later, a very tired me arrived home with a little certificate showing I'm actively training for my volunteer role, and a date in April for completing a First Aid course. Not just useful for saving lives, but also another item ticked off my 30 by 30 list!

26/26 ProPoints
2 litres
5.15 miles

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