Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lost my muchness

Big weekend of clocking things that were beginning to be a problem.. I'm going to have a gain tomorrow. That's ok. It's deserved and I can cope with that. I know how I'm going to make sure the next time I get on those scales, I'll see 4-5lbs off again. I'm retaining water, and have eaten over my weeklies the last 3 days.

Front end of the week was fine, I stuck to points, tracked and exercised as much as I could considering the SNOW. Slowly though, the lack of real activity caught up with me. I spent more and more time sat and feeling hungry, wanting 'fun' food and not feeling motivated to do much of anything.

On Thursday, I was struggling. Craving sugar all day, and used some of my weekly propoints. Still, I had tracked everything and went to and ENJOYED kettlebells, even if I was terrified and it was hard. As soon as I left I felt amazing at having conquered my fear of joining a class like that. There were people fainting, and having to sit out, and I realised how silly my fear had been. It's a BEGINNERS class, I wasn't about to be surrounded by The Avengers and made to feel useless. After walking up the very icy hill home, I was knackered and so hungry.

Slippy alley of doom - very steep narrow path - had to pull myself up!

On Friday I woke up with VERY SORE LEGS. I couldn't sit or bend without a lot of tightness and pain. Even without the ice it would have been impossible to get out and run, or go to the gym. I sat at home and ate crap with the kids after attempting to go to swimming lessons and deciding to give up and head home. Looked around me as I sat feeling bored, cross, hungry, and realised my environment wasn't helping.

With all the snow, and bad ice I've been 'trapped'. No getting out to run. No going to the gym. The ice on the pavements makes taking all the kids out alone too dangerous. While having a pity party about the fact I was eating crap and not gymming, I realised that a lot of the mad eating/feeling down to environment. chaos.

Sort chaos, feel better, be better.

Bag of size 16 clothes, being sent away before I'm tempted to grow back into them.

On Saturday Sam was off and I could have attempted getting to the gym, but my thighs and bum were still so, so tight. Walking downstairs I needed to support myself. After tackling my bedroom and decluttering and cleaning it through, I went into Croydon with Seth to fetch live food for the reptiles, and bought him another little gecko to add to his colony.

Walking down the stairs in the bus. Ohahahaha. Ouch. But I did it. By the time we'd been out for an hour, my legs were a lot less tight. I got my room finished and ended Saturday feeling a lot better than I'd started it.

I had hoped to get to the gym on Sunday, but Sam made a last minute decision to go paintballing, and wouldn't be back until evening. Instead I went and properly cleared through the kids' room/ basement. Managed to clear out bags and bags of outgrown toys and clothes. Happiness is current toys having proper homes.

Once Sam was home I knew had to to go run. With 8.4 miles left to do before Friday it was run, or fail to achieve my first goal. So I RAN, IT HURT. I felt sick, truly felt like I might vomit a few times. I had a stitch in my side. All the crap inside my poor body was causing much trouble. Got round and did my 5k though. 20.94 miles down 5.26 to go.

Friday - 1 mile

Saturday - 3.5 miles

Sunday - 4 miles

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  1. Stick with it Joy - snow makes everyone feel sluggish, just you make sure this week's gain is just a blip :-)

    Rooting for you!