Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bouncing back. (slowly!)

Stuck to my points Monday, dealt with headache and stiff aching back and shoulders by RESTING them, not eating everything.

Sat in the evening and sorted out meal plans and did the online shop. My Hairy Dieters cookbook arrived on Friday, and I am going to cook through it by choosing 2 recipes to follow each week. Excitement. Chose the leek lasagne and chilli con carne for next weeks' two, both beef, both hearty winter food, yum.

26/26 ProPoints
2 litres
2 miles

Come yesterday morning my weekend of eating all the things had caught up with me. The scale showed me up 5lbs. 0_0 I know a lot of that is water weight, I ate lots of junk, but not 17,500 kcal extra!!
Headache was much less painful, though I still felt tight and tired. Neck spasm was less awful too. My right arm is weakened, cannot lift much with it. Hoping it will be back to normal by Thursdays' kettlebells session.

Tuesday has become my 'day off' - Sam is usually not working 3/4 Tuesdays, and I have no commitments at all outside the home/with the kids, so I spent the day resting between doing bits of housework. Ate within my propoints but kept things quite high carb so I didn't have a bad crash. Meant I couldn't eat lots, and felt hungry. To avoid eating I got to go have a nap after the bins/shopping were done. Leaving Sam and the xbox in charge for a couple of hours. Felt much better by the afternoon, and if it hadn't been so slushy and icy, would have gone for a run.

Remembered a couple of days ago that I had two tickets to go see Blood Red Shoes. The twins asked if they could come, so I ordered a third ticket to be held at the venue, and we set off in the icy slush for Shepherds Bush.

We spent an hour bouncing around to the new album, and by the time we got in the girls were proper post-gig buzzing, kinda cute!!

Didn't dance quite as much as Ginger, my shoes were still their original colourway, but had a really good time and earned some miles.

26/26 ProPoints
2 litres
4.5 miles

Today I'm feeling pretty much back to normal, my arm still feels a bit off, so I'm resting it until kettlebells tomorrow. Have been able to get on about my usual jobs without noticing it much though. Back to eating my regular foods, and the lack of sugar is making me feel a little tetchy, but I can see it for what it is, and know a  few days of proper food and exercise, and I'll be good. Food hangover SUCKS.

Assuming Sam gets home from work alright, I'm hoping to head out for a run. If it's very icy I'll just do a quick jog over the nature reserve, but I need to get those last 8 miles done by next week, not about to fall at the first hurdle of my 13in13!!

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