Monday, January 14, 2013

Brrrr, happy Monday!

Oh wow, it's cold out there. Light dusting of snow when I woke up, meant the girls wanted to come out with me to weightwatchers this morning. We all bundled up, put on our trainers and ran to the meeting. Noses, ears and fingers red with cold.

Not as busy as last week, but still busier than usual. I was pleased to see that despite eating over my daily allowance, I had lost a decent amount, and it was genuine *need* for food that saw me using my weekly points a bit.

Reckon going out for a run last night instead of scoffing the munchy foods with my family on the sofa helped there a bit!

weekly miles - 37.25
previous weight - 173.5 BMI 29.8
current weight - 171 BMI 29.4
Loss - 2.5lb
% loss - 1.44%

We were talking about the importance of eating a good filling breakfast. I am a bit stuck in my ways now. I have an omelette. Or occasionally porridge. That is it. It doesn't bore me. I feel good and fed after either, I like the taste. There's no work in it now, it's a routine.

So, didn't really need to be in the meeting this morning, except there was a breastfeeding mum needing advice and I got called on there. ^_^ Was lovely to see her face as she told me that actually she was still feeding him morning and night, at 17 months, and I just grinned and said the girls still fed on occasion. She'd had to go from an allowance on 42 to 27 points, as feeding him alongside solids she was told 'didn't count' - I said that in her position I'd use all my weeklies and see how she goes, better to keep losing at a healthy rate than feel strung out and feeding become an issue when they're doing so wonderfully.

Came home and after working out that I've now less than 2 stone to lose to be 'healthy' did a little victory dance and then had some chocolate fudge and a latte, mmm treaty. I still don't feel like a 'dieter' at all when I get to relax and enjoy really 'naughty' moments like those.

All sugared/caffeinated up, I've started out on some of the niggly jobs that need doing. Have filled another 30kg bag of too big clothes, and have it ready to be picked up. Paperwork is all sorted through and filed, and form replies posted.

I won't be going to gym today, as neither my mum/brother will poke their noses out. I can't make time to get there and back on the bus, I have my Nan's 80th birthday tomorrow, got to get her pressie ordered and sent, as well as getting a card autographed by her great grandchildren, and posted. I've got to do a scrapbook page with Seth for beavers before tonight, then after Beaver group I have a training module to go to until late. Walking and life activity will have to do for today, am intending to gym Tues, Weds and Fri this week, run Thurs and Sat. Then family day at MILs on Sunday. It's not a busy week on paper, but I've lots of little 'bits' to do, and so it'll be a good test of whether this healthier lifestyle is becoming a habit, rather than something I'm 'working' at all. the. time.

Going to make a snack type lunch - ham/cheese/apple/salad and maize streaky crisps. Then get card/pressie done and sent, work on the scrap page with Seth and hope to get dinner cooked and eaten before I have to head out for the chilly walk to Beavers!!

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