Monday, January 07, 2013

First weightwatchers of 2013

Weigh in morning - good to be back, lots of new faces today as usual for January. Was good to see the regulars though, who made noises about how much change they could see in my size. Good to hear, though I still don't really see much change myself, unless comparing photos. No way I could notice a 7lb change.

I had in mind this note I made back in meeting at the end of November - the thought then of gaining back up to over 14 stone was not a happy one.
It made me really determined to keep tracking and working hard to get out of obesity by 2013, and to weigh in today 23.5lbs LESS than that number felt so, so good.

I am only 6lbs away from being back in the 11 stones, somewhere I've not been since 2009, and then it was for a few months before I regained everything. This time it feels less of a battle, and more like the natural course of things, considering my new lifestyle. But having things like this to keep me aware is so important.

weekly miles - 31.7
previous weight - 175 BMI 30.0
current weight - 173.5 BMI 29.8
Loss - 1.5lb
% loss - 0.86%

I got given my 50lb certificate today too - I managed to achieve this milestone before, back in my attempt of 2008/09, but never got further than 74lbs before losing the plot entirely. I'm currently 60.5lbs down, (57.5lb in weightwatchers meeting booklet) - 17.5lbs from getting further than I've ever been - am busy plotting something meaningful to celebrate that milestone, and really chuck all the old yo-yo dieting behind me. I'm hoping to get there around the front end of March. Excitement!!

Measurement day today, being the first Monday of the month - and as well as hitting a sub 30 bmi, I've got a waist measuring under 32", so no longer at risk for diabetes, and a waist to height ratio of 0.48 - also healthy. Whoot!
So Much Green!
Am plotting to gym this afternoon, then head home and do dinner before getting ready to go to my Archery taster session. Am already feeling nervous, I have a weird fear of 'group' activity, if I can't hide behind my headphones/glasses/hat/baggy clothes... am allowed none of those today. Still, if I'm terrible I don't have to go back, and if I enjoy it I'll save to do a beginners' course this year.


  1. What are you plotting for your celebration??

    And will we be seeing you today before/after shooting sharp sticks?

    1. I *think* something ink-y. I've had an idea for a while, a colourful cakes and sweets flash by Jeanie Newby, but it's big and it may be a good 100lb goal thing. That said, I've just clocked I could get outline done at 75, coloured at 100 (or as soon as I can afford to asfter then anyway!)

      The husbeast has gone out for a meeting pushing all my plans back wards, looks like the earliest I'll get up there is around 7pm, and my pointy sticks starts at 7.30 :( - but no Qwertee post yet. Zoo at some point over next week or two?

  2. Sounds brilliant! I think getting it done in two parts sounds sensible and rewarding :)

    I just saw you say on twitter how you only just made your train which prompted me to check back here - not getting reply notifications means I forget to look! We'll arrange something soon, zoo does sound good.