Wednesday, January 02, 2013


In 18 weeks time Rachael and I (and a few others) will be seeing Mr Eddie Izzard in Brighton.

In 18 weeks time Rachael and I are going to be at our 'healthy' weights. This is going to be an amazing challenge (and need lots of work) but we can do it.

I am currently 120.69% of my 24.9 BMI weight. That seems a huge amount, but then I was 116.29% of my goal weight at the start of the Biggest Loser Challenge, and I hit that goal in 12 weeks. It's not going to be easy, but to hit 'healthy' before summer would be SO amazing.

I need to lose 30lbs, a weightloss of 1 23 lbs a week. Doable, but I'm going to have to work hard, especially as I get closer to a healthy BMI and weightloss slows. I think aiming for 2lbs a week for the first 10 weeks and then the remaining 10lbs over the last 8 weeks is going to be my 'plan'

weekdatejoy % of healthy weightrachael % of healthy weight
week 1jan 7th119.6%113%
week 2jan 14th117.93%112.07%
week 3jan 21st117.93%108.7%
week 4jan 28th121.4%110.2%
week 5feb 4th116.9%111.2%
week 6feb 11th122.4%110.2%
week 7feb 18th119.3%109.4%
week 8feb 25th124.1% 109.8%
week 9mar 4th119.3%109.4%
week 10mar 11th120%109.5%
week 11mar 18th120.7%107%
week 12mar 25thxxxx
week 13apr 1stxxxx
week 14apr 8th126.9%108.5%
week 15apr 15thxxxx
week 16apr 22ndxxxx
week 17apr 29thxxxx
week 18may 6thxxxx