Thursday, January 17, 2013

Halfling ran 5k!

Attempted to go to the gym on Tuesday night, but my brother was shattered once I got down to his (he's in the middle of long shifts at work) so decided to head back home and then go for a run instead. Once I got in Maya was begging me not to head back out, I was still achey and cold, and she asked to run with me the next day. As Sam was around in the morning anyway, I changed my plans again.

Woke up in the morning to discover that after a week 'off' my 'time of the 'fortnight' was back again. Explaining the huge amounts of hunger, angst and aches that are plaguing me near constantly now. Still, I'd promised myself, and Maya, a run. So we set out before lunchtime.

She'd said a few times now that she wants to 'do' running. Her goal was to run 5k before her 5th birthday. All the kids walk a lot, and are really active and fit, they will run around all day without getting tired. Still, to run and pace yourself at just 4 is a different beast. I said to her that I'd aim for us to run to Sainsburys and back, around 1.5 miles, and and in extra roads if we wanted to go further, and stop and walk if she wanted.

She ran, without stopping (except when she fell, but picked herself up and kept going without a pause) for 40 minutes. And covered 5km. Her first go at attempting a run to work to a 5k distance, and she did it. I was AMAZED at her. She struggled the last mile, but never stopped moving her little legs. As soon as we finished, she was celebrating, and shouting "Legs, I love you, Body, you is awesome!" I'm totally inspired by her.

Carrying victory girl back home..
first 5k, aged 4 years 7 months ^_^


At home we ate chocolate fudge cake and a BIG gluten free lasagne. Took me WELL into my weekly points but I'm just SO hungry. Needed to do it if I was going to gym in the evening. Which I did..

Cycle around the world 5 - 15min 7.68km
Xtrainer aerobics workout 5 - 15min 2.47km

Shoulder press 20kg 3x12
Fly 42.5kg 3x12
Leg press 70kg 3x12
Leg extension 45kg 3x12
Adductor 28kg 3x12 l6
Abductor 49kg 3x12
Pulldown 40kg 3x12

Soooo many newbies at the gym. Lots of machine hogging and waiting around to get my circuit done, but guess it'll ease off in a few weeks time.

Got home and began plotting putting Kai's birthday cake together for Friday, unfortunately it resulted in me eating a load of Mini Eggs, but I have worked out what I can do for him, so not all bad. Just need to buy replacement eggs...

Tues -
26/26 ProPoints
2 litres
3.5 miles

Weds -
45/26 ProPoints
2 litres
9.5 miles


  1. Please tell Maya that I think she ROCKS! And that her Mama is pretty darn awesome too :D