Wednesday, January 02, 2013

January - Make A Plan

Goals that aren't written down are just dreams...

Today is the day that half the nation will have sat making a list of resolutions, lots of new faces at the gym come tomorrow morning. A few new members starting at Weightwatchers on Monday. 

'Get fit'
'Lose weight'

Most will last less than half the year. Sticking at something so ambiguous for that long is commendable, really.

I have many goals for this year. One for each month (and a 13th to scare  push me) - I've spent this afternoon thinking about what I want to do to work towards my dream of where I want to be, this year. I've set myself 12 goals to achieve, one for each month (though some will be worked on over a few months).

The theme for January is 'Make A Plan' - so I spent an hour making my goals 'S.M.A.R.T' - 
Specific              what
Measurable      how much
Attainable            how
Relevant              why
Time-Bound.      when

I am going to run a marathon (26.2 miles) during January by completing c25k then doing 5km twice weekly to keep me running once I finish c25k.
  1. Run a marathon during January 
  2. Perform 150 dips
  3. Complete level 1 kettlebells
  4. Run 10km
  5. Have a healthy BMI
  6. Work up to Sprint Triathlon distances
  7. Swim in the sea
  8. Compete in a Spartan Race
  9. Gorilla Run
  10. Lose 50% of my start weight
  11. Have graduated to Kettlebells circuits
  12. Half Marathon

2 - Perform 150 dips - by completing the 150 dips program. I am currently halfway through, and even with repeating each week, I should hit target of managing 150 by the end of February. I will do the program 2x a week to improve tone in the back of my upper arms, an area that's needing attention!

3 - Complete level one kettlebells course. (and book on to a level 2) 6 weeks course learning basic moves/workouts, be ready to move up to level 2 by end of March. Relevant as I have great fear of fitness classes, which I need to beat if I want to go to fitness classes... and I've paid in advance for the course, and booked on so I'll go!

4 - Run 10km at a time by the end of April (so starting in March). By continuing to go running three times a week and using the Bridge to 10k App. Continuing to make running something I just 'do' without too much effort/hassle.

5 - Have a Healthy BMI (weigh 145lbs) by May 8th - ties in with my new challenge with Rachael 'Get Ready For Eddie' - and being at a healthy weight BEFORE my babies turn 5 would be a bit of a boost!

6 - Work up to Sprint Triathlon distances - June through August (as well as continuing to run 10k twice a week) work on getting my distances from 10k/2.5k/400m to the sprint distances of 20k/5k/750m.

7 - Swim in the sea - get a cossie on and get out in the summer, stop worrying about how I look and ENJOY a family seaside day out. Properly. Swim, paddle, collect rocks, eat chips on the beach. (Set for July, but somewhat weather dependant!!)

8 - Spartan Race - 5k obstacle course. Booked on already, as I promised myself I would when I ran 5k. I'll be running the distance easily, but the obstacles should make a good challenge. I know once I've been there and got the t-shirt it'll feel AWESOME.

9 - Gorilla Run - similar vein - it's relevant to me as it's part of my 30 for 30, it's conservation and running and fun. 7km through London in a gorilla suit will push me, need to make sure I enter once I'm running 10k in April.

10 - Lose half my start weight. Losing 1/2lb a week from May will see me at 117lb for the end of October. I'd love to do a 'half of me' post with pictures. It's a BMI of 20, it's attainable and I'd like to earn my title as 'halfling mama' ;)

11 - Graduate to kettlebell circuits. Attending level 1 and 2 and then advanced courses first, I'll be able to take part in circuits classes. I've heard such good things about kettlebells, I want to get me some of that. 

12 - Run a Half Marathon by end of 2013 - Starting after the training for Spartan/Gorilla Run in August/September, train towards running 13.1 miles. 


  1. your list of how to make sure you are setting real goals and not just 'wishing'...I think I will write that down in my book tonight. Good luck and best wishes on your goals for this year.

    1. Thankyou very much, I am hopeful that turning my wishes into solid plans will mean they are reality by 2014. ^_^

  2. Note to self: Buy a new journal & use it.
    Looks like a great list!!!

  3. Love the list!!
    I need to write mine down too...I have so many!! :oP


    (I've blogged btw :oP xx )

    1. Happy New Year - SO good to see you back xx

  4. Joy, looking forward to rooting you on this year. You can and will smash these goals. I can't wait to celebrate with you!!! Here's to an anwesome 2013!!

    1. Thanks! I've had a look at all the linked up bloggers doing 13in13, and the goals are TREMENDOUS. Very exciting! ^_^