Thursday, January 31, 2013

Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting!

January is DONE.

The first month of 2013, zipped by. Time to take a moment and see how things are going with my 13in13.

The month started off at a good pace, got messy in the middle, with feeling run down, snow etc, but though I'm still full of cold, this last few days have been back on it. In previous years January has been a jumpstart to falling down for a few months. I'm feeling a lot different this year. Does feel that having these specific goals set in place has kept my head up and aware of what I need to be doing.

My 13in13:

  • Run a Marathon in January - January theme - Make A Plan.
  • Perform 150 dips
  • Complete level 1 kettlebells
  • Run 10km
  • Have a Healthy BMI
  • Work up to Sprint Triathlon distance
  • Swim in the Sea
  • Compete in a Spartan Race
  • Gorilla Run
  • Lose 50% of my start weight
  • Have Graduated to Kettlebells circuits
  • Half Marathon
  • COMPLETE 30by30 LIST

  • I ran a total 26.39 miles, just over a marathon during January. Shortest run was 1 mile, longest was 3.4miles. I ran an average 2.4 miles at a time at 12min mile pace. Considering that it was January, two runs were done with my 4.5 year old daughter (one in DEEP snow) and I've had a cold that's made breathing when in bed hard - I'm very pleased. Making a plan to make it happen meant I could see when I fell behind, and knew how to 'fix' it.
    Now that I'm up to 3.4 miles, I will follow the bridge to 10k training plan after finishing the dips, until then I will continue to run 3/3.5 miles twice a week.
    Once I've managed 10k, I'll hope to run that distance twice weekly until after September, when I will train towards the Half Marathon, just have to keep at it regularly and make sure I stay aware of what I need to do.

    I'm at the end of week 5 of 6 of the 150 dips program, a full month to work up to 150 consecutive should mean I reach the goal.

    I've attended 2 of 6 Thursday kettlegirls classes for level 1, the second was tonight, enjoying it greatly (although walking around come Friday/Saturday I may change my tune). I am hoping to graduate to level 2 come Summer term. Then Autumn term I can do the circuits. Whoot.

    I have entered the Spartan Race. It is done. I am niggling scared of having to pullup my own body weight already, hoping that with decreased body weight : muscle, it'll be fine.
    My Gorilla Run suit arrived today, it is HOT in there!! I've set up a fundraising page and after working up to 10k will hope that 7km in a suit doesn't melt me toooo bad.

    So.. I swung back up over the line a bit last week. Still, at just under 2lb a week loss I'll reach healthy weight for May. Hopefully mid-Jan will serve as a reminder of what I don't want out of life...  I'm down 25% of my start weight since 7 months ago, another 9 months to do get to 50% start weight is possible, if I work hard (and sweat away a stone in the gorilla suit).

    I have not swum or cycled at all yet this year, but hadn't planned to start upping Triathlon distances until May, must get back to using the bike at the gym and swimming once a week. I have not even seen the sea, but that was always intended to be a summer thing!

    30 by 30 is going well, I'm on track to have all done by my birthday. What a year this is going to be!

    Feeling really positive about where I am, where I'm headed. To be fair a lot of it could be post-kettlebell workout endorphins, but it's all relevant. I'm a third of the way through the beginners course, and really can feel the difference just two weeks have made. Carried my smaller kettlebell home with me (that hill, that HILL) and was in awe of how much extra strain it was on my back to have 9lbs hanging from me. A mate on facebook pointed out that I've lost 6-7 of those. Wow. Boost much?!

    Today my gorilla suit arrived for the gorilla run in September - and I set up a fundraising page too. Going to think about where I can take my suit in the run up to the event.

    I feel ready for February, ready to make more progress with this awesome year. Even though this month has not been perfect, it's been worthwhile, and I am stronger and happy for it.

    27/27 ProPoints
    2.25 litres
    4.65 miles

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    1. I think your month has been ace! Brilliant.