Thursday, January 03, 2013

Pushy Plans

Realised this evening that I have completed 18/21 days of my 3 weeks of focus plan. I'm surprised at how having such specific plans in place have worked for me, and really happy to discover how well I'm feeling with planning like that.

I've stuck to it, without feeling pushed to my limits all the time. I've achieved my interim goals, and started 2013 already going at a pace that will see me HEALTHY in the front half of this year.

I now believe that I can reach goals that I make, especially when they are 'S.M.A.R.T' goals. I know I can do the work needed to get to where I want to be, without it being ALL I do or think about. I believe that with work and sticking to the good plans made, I will achieve all my 13 in 13 goals. I believe that I will be able to manage to maintain in a way that will mean long-term health and happiness.

17th - (Sam off) gym cycle, weights. + 28pp
18th - (Sam off) gym run w6d2 and weights + 28pp
19th - Sam away, have Shel over, company and a latte = no boredom eating 28 pp + w2d2 dips
20th - run w6d3 once Sam gets in from work (I *can* run 20 minutes, I can) + 28 pp
21st - 28 pp + w2d3 dips. If world does not end, head to gym once Sam is home. Cycle and weights.
22nd - run w7d1 once Sam is home + 28 pp
23rd - (Sam off) Brighton to see Rachael - planned and pre-tracked Nandos. 28 pp + rest day :)

24th - run w7d2  + 27pp - go to MIL's
25th - (Sam off) At MIL's - 27pp (pre tracked Chrimbo day FTW)+ w3d1 dips 
26th - (Sam off) gym shut - lunch with parents and kids, run w7d3 + 27pp
27th - gym (cycle) and weights + w3d2 dips + 27pp
28th - gym - do super sprint triathlon + 27pp
29th - Dips w3d3 + 27pp
30th - (Sam off) Go to Kew gardens + run 5K!! + 27pp

31st - (Sam off) gym, weights  + 27pp (out for NYE, eating at Nandos (yay!)
1st - (Sam off)  Run w8d1 + 27pp
2nd - gym, weights + dips w4d1 + 27 pp
3rd - Run w8d2 + 27pp
4th - dips w4d2 + 27 pp
5th - Run w8d3 + 27pp
6th - Wii Fit 30 minutes + dips w4d3 + 27pp and be pleased and a bit proud I stuck to my plans!!

week 1 miles - 56
activity points - 41

week 2 miles - 43
activity points - 34

week 3 miles (so far) - 31.5 
activity points - 35

miles - 130.5
AP - 110

I've eaten my daily allowance, but not used my 147 weekly points for the last 3 weeks. That's 7 propoints a day - a standard size chocolate bar. It would have been so easy to eat them, especially over Christmas, if I hadn't made that pledge. It was only for 3 weeks, and I wanted to stick to it so bad.

I've also not used the 110 propoints that have been earned through activity. That's another 5 a day, a full fat latte. I've not drunk those points, but it would have been easy enough to do it.

It really is the little changes. Seeing weekly points as a buffer, an overdraft. For *special* occasions. Activty as something I do to gain muscle/strength not to be allowed to eat more food. It's working.

I could have used those 256 propoints, I would have maintained. That's fine. Maintaining over Christmas is my goal for NEXT year. This year I wanted to prove to myself that my choices were bigger than chance. That dates didn't mean more than my decisions.

I've been extra grumpy the last two days. I have raging PMT, while in actual physical pain *on* my period. Period arrived early on the 2nd, which happened to be the 9 year anniversary of the day I miscarried Zoe. Bloody pants on the 2nd Jan is always going to be likely to make me feel like shit I suppose. That's fair enough.
I've been snappy with the kids, noise sensitivity not helped by low grade pressure migraine that's arrived with this period.
Thankfully, instead of comfort eating, I've looked to other things to lift me a bit. Wednesday night I entered the Spartan race and Gorilla run. All my spendy money for winter gone, but I know I'm going to be so glad of the investment come next winter! I also signed up for a taster Archery course, one of my things to do by 30. Checked online for starter courses and saw an opening for next Monday night, a night I know I can do as it's before I start back at Beavers. I almost said no because I feel I want to 'wait to not be fat'. Then realised I'm letting my daft head-voices stop me from living. Look forward to finding out if I'm any good any pointy sticks.
I've also had good company, saw 3 good friends over the first 3 days of 2013, and while I was probably a tired, moany cow, I did enjoy having the chance to spend time with people I care about, instead of the biscuit tin.

Spent today with Elaine and her crew at the Horniman museum (and playground over the road) it was great to see her and have a giggle. We had intended to go for a sploshy wood walk, but ended up watching the kids run around a chilly playground for 3 hours, before roaming around the taxidermy section of the museum.

Had the low grade headache all day, which got worse on the way home. I kept dropping off to sleep on the bus (which freaks me out, because I *can't* do that with Kai) and grabbed a bar of galaxy chocolate to perk me up for the rest of the way home. We got in at around 7pm and after doing the bare minimum I fell asleep on my bed at 8pm, while 'folding laundry'.. 40 minutes later and I'd picked myself up, determined to stick to this plan with only 4 days left to go. It took me until 10.30pm to drag myself out to run, but I went.

Did w8d2 as planned, covered 5k in the 39 minutes - 4km run in 29 minutes, with stop to tie my shoe on the way. Not surprisingly, after running my head feels a lot better, and I'm enjoying a blog and cuppa before bed (again)

27/27 ProPoints
2 litres
7 miles

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