Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Matinee..

Finished sorting through my weightwatchers bits, and have put away all the old stuff, keeping out only the pieces that are about what I am focusing on in 2013.

  1. GetReadyForEddie
  2. 13 in 13
  3. 30 by 30
I have made goals, and followed up by making sure I've planned to reach them. I'm keeping the list above in the front of my weightwatchers book, to see it each week I weigh in. The weight coming off is just a PART of what I'm doing. Need to keep focused on grabbing the life I want and living it.

I've moved the 4 stones given to me at meeting (to replace the 4 I've lost, hardy har) in my purse, carrying those around and seeing them every time I buy something is another good reminder of where I've got to already.

Took the boys to a pantomime today, with their Beaver group. Malachi joins this week, a few days ahead of his 6th *sob* birthday. He looked so gorgeous in Seth's old his new top. But I had an emotional 'how are my babies growing up so fast, omgosh stop the ride please!!!' moment.

We all had a good time at the panto, Seth really loved the atmosphere and Kai managed to take it all in and enjoy it, although I felt he had more lines than anyone on stage, ahem.
I've been fighting a headache brewing all week,  pretty sure the icy cold isn't helping. After 2.5 hours of 6-8 year olds screaming at the drag queen Dame, I was hurting.

Medicated with chocolate on the way home (mmm, creme egg!!) and when Sam came in and asked for a takeaway, as I was working up to asking the same, as Seth said 'can we have a Chinese night?' .. yeh. JustEat, £13.50 and happy stodgy tummies (yay for sharing meals, cooking our own rice/veg and us all loving the same food!)

40/27 ProPoints CHINESE!!
2 litres
2.6 miles

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