Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow good for me..

No running happened Wednesday night. It was slick with ice out by the time Sam got in, and dark. Tried to convince myself that I'd be fine, but the risk of injury is just not worth it. Decided instead to use the treadmill (ugh) at the gym after I finished my kettlebell class the next day.

26/26 ProPoints
2 litres
2.5 miles

Woke up absolutely knackered yesterday, had gotten a rubbish nights sleep, with all 4 kids up and waking me through the night.

Feeling better than I had been though, now that the carb and sugar cravings have backed off. Made sure that each time I fixed myself something to eat, I was getting more protein again and enjoyed a BIG plate of roast veggies for lunch.

Not being able to get out to gym/run this week has left me cross. I'm fed up with snow big time. Aide from wanting to be able to get out and run, I miss getting to take the kids out and walk and feel a bit stuck because it's dangerous. Even with care to walk slowly/avoid the really bad hill, the kids get cold so fast.. and no car means we HAVE to journey through the cold and back, to do anything else. Stuck.

My shoulder feels mostly better, and was fine during my kettlebells class. I was shocked at how much of a workout it was. Granted, I've had a week off pretty much, but still. My legs were like jelly after, and I have proper DOMS this morning. I can see that doing it 3x a week would *really* get a person fit, fast.

26/26 ProPoints
2 litres
4.5 miles

Today I am trying to work out how best to make sure I complete my first 13in13 goal. Still have over 8 miles to cover in the next 7 days to do it. I was hoping to get to the gym on Sunday, and attempt to go for a long, slow jog on Saturday, but if the ice is this bad I will have to brave the treadmill to get those miles covered!

I want to. I suppose that I must just face the treadmill though, if I want to get the marathon done. The annoying thing today is that I will be at the gym, to take the kids to their swimming lesson, but there's no way I can leave them downstairs to go workout!!

.... ETA

Just got an email through from WalkTheWalk, to say registration is open for volunteers for the Moonwalk. Have submitted my form, and registered interest for the 'SunWalk' too. Yay!


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