Monday, January 21, 2013


Well, reaped my rewards for a weekend of stupid. Absolutely no loss on the scales. Meeting was cancelled because of the snow, so at least my stinky, fuggy self could face the music alone, at home.

My belly feels all stodged up.
My head too.

And my weight is.

The pain, bloating and wasted effort are not something I'm prepared to 'pay' for dollops of Nutella. Nope.

No Beavers later tonight either, so I can use today and tomorrow while Sam is off work to have my headache and just Deal With It. Get back to eating good food, and tracking and not being a numpty. The joint pain is less awful than yesterday, and my gut is less explosive. Hoping that by tomorrow the head will feel better too.

weekly miles - 28.65
previous weight - 171 BMI 29.4
current weight - 171 BMI 29.4
Loss - 0lb
% loss - 0%

I am still 118% of my goal weight, with 15 weeks left to GetReadyForEddie. Still on track to hit that goal, but *need* to be losing 1.5-2lb a week to do it.
I really, really want to be a healthy weight for summer. Rachael lost a staggering 5.6lb this week, and is now 108% of her target. Erm, yeh. Kicked My Bum.

Going to spend today making sure I'm eating real food and drinking water. Go for a decent run tomorrow, and hope to get back to the gym once the snow clears a bit. Have my first kettlebells class on Thursday. Hope to gym Weds/Fri/Sun. I want to shift a decent chunk for next week - still would like to see myself out of the 12 stones for February!


  1. Like I said, I genuinely have ZERO idea how that happened! And I had a head start on you; I'm pretty convinced you'll still kick my arse overall!

    1. It's an uhmayzing loss. And to be less than 110% of goal, that looks SO good. It's inspired me to get on it this week. Though the snow isn't being helpful >;(