Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Temptation Tuesday

I stayed in bed until 9am! Whoot. Felt really tired though, and achey. Those 3 weeks of keeping on target 100% had caught up with me. I had a scratchy throat, and my legs were heavy. Attempted to go for my 5k run, but decided a good bath and stretches, and to have 2 days 'rest' from cardio might be a plan.

Got the house cleaned up and made cooked breakfasts for the crew before prepping my own food to take over to mum-in-law's today.

My plan was to go to Tony's tattoos in Reigate and get another character added to my sleeve, so I had a nice bowl of porridge for my crampy legs, made a big pepper and onion omelette to take with me for later and set out for the afternoon.

Stopped at the station to grab a latte. If I'm not needing lots of good fuel for exercise, then eggnog to feed my soul is gooooood.

Got to Reigate and found that Mike (the artist doing my 80's sleeve) was not in that day. So, instead of mooching sadly to the house and sulking all afternoon, I got brave. After walking back with Sam and the kids and finding a big enough picture of one of my plotted inks, I wandered back and asked Tony to ouch my back. Meant getting my flab out which was scary. I still feel horribly mahoosive. But oh wow, I am so, so pleased I did.
Over a year ago Mike did my lovely boxer girl after I completed the Shred. She's from an artist 'Pinkytoast' who I've bought some artwork from through Etsy, and follow on Flickr. For ages I have wanted a portrait 'for me' but not of me.. then I saw this Seahorse/Unicorn/Beautifulness, and knew I'd found 'the one'.

Have a while to decide on colours, but I can't wait to see her once she's all shaded!

Went back to the house, and got given a present. Looked at it a while, saw it was 130g (!) double checked that chocolate still had many carbs (yes) and calories (yea) and so said thankyou, but explained that I just couldn't budget for it!

After a few minutes pouting and saying goodbye to the chocman, I did grrrl up and eat my (cold but yummy omelette  and had a smaller chrimbo chocolate thing (that did not get photographed because I was so wanting the choccy that I was in danger of eating the outer foil).

Spent a couple of hours chatting and plotting a big get together for a couple of weeks' time. Think the plan is to have bro-in-law do the food, with his moile pizza oven of wonder, so I'm going to have to do take-along foods for me, Sam and Kai to avoid wheat (and so I don't end up getting stuck eating high-point buffet stuff).
Certainly makes things easier for me to plan.

Got home around 8.30pm to find a note from a courier to say we had a package left at another flat for us, it was the halflings' running shoes and my audio belt, wahey! Hoping to start taking them out to do the c25k in the next few days time. ^_^

27/27 ProPoints
2 litres
3.2 miles


  1. Awesome that you're doing C25K with the halflings! I wonder If R would be up for it... I suspect he'd much rather kick a football around the middle field while I run laps on the track, though.

    1. Hee, yeh. I know Maya wants to do it, and Seth and Anya are nodding along - whether Kai will (or can) we'll find out - if no, I'll take the other 3 out when Sam is about to do quality Rhinoboy time ^_^

  2. Oh wow, that ink is SO you! ^_^ I love her.