Thursday, January 10, 2013

Throatache Thursday

Really bloody awful sleep. Had 3 of 4 kids in bed by 4am, wriggling and kicking my bladder. Had enough of that when they were in-utero. Once I got up I realised that I wasn't 100%. My throat hurt, I was bunged up and everything felt weak and wobbly.
Have felt this coming on for a while, think I'm just run down to be honest. Decided to grab a big drink of water and have a carb-y breakfast (savoury pancake, yay!) before getting on with the day.

As planned last night, I got the clothes and new storage sorted and put away. Have another 10kilos (so far) of too big clothes to send to the clothesforcash people, need to put aside newer/nicer bits for eBay though.

Went to do my dips, feeling nervous about how wobbly I was, to discover it was a 'test' day. I did 50 before wanting to cry and stopping. Then did another 30. Means I start week 5 down at level 2, which is a relief as I was really struggling with level 3.

Got the flat tidied, cleaned, kids and me fed (proper food) and the washing done. By the time Sam got home I'd got dinner ready, and an hour later FORCED myself out for a run.

Have to do 3 more 30 minute runs as per my ease into 5k app - so I set Endomondo up to tell me when I'd hit 30 minutes, and went. Covered 2.7 miles in 32 minutes, which I'm happy enough with. Sure once I feel on top of things again I'll get a bit faster, but it's distance I want to work on anyway. May aim for 35 minutes and 3 miles on Saturday, then do 40 minute runs for the rest of January. Still, am well on task to hit my goal of a marathon over the month.

I'm now sat, all showered and smooth legged and clean-haired, feeling good post run, having chugged more water. Looking at a steaming cuppa and some lovely shortcake fingers to munch. Naughty treat (and the last of them!)

Easy enough day tomorrow - Sam has a hospital appointment in London, but should be home in time to have Kai while I take Seth and the girls to their swimming lessons. New group/teacher for Seth, and first lesson for the twins, so am happy to be able to be there and focus on them completely, rather than keeping Kai from stripping and running into the pool!

Gym in the evening. Plotting some nice heavy weights to wrap the week up with.

27/27 ProPoints
2 litres
5.7 miles

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