Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday

Yesterday was an ok day - a day where the healthy eating/activity took a back seat while I did other stuff though. I do need those days, but stay aware that too much of that is not optimal. I stayed on points, but looking at what I ate yesterday, it was BEIGE, and just not the best food. And yes, I walked 3 miles. But that's not going to keep me lean and fit long term.

Today I had a Beaver's group planning meeting booked for the evening, and Sam working all day, so no time at all to gym, or to run (unless I go after the meeting, which I might be able to, but cannot count on). It was going to be another of those days, I can accept that. Seeing as I couldn't get active outside, I made plans to use my body and get stuff done, inside.

My rickety old canvas wardrobe is dead. It's 10 years old and leans like the tower of Pisa. I spent 2 hours clearing it out, dismantling it and working out new storage for my clothes. Also meant deep cleaning the space it had been in, and sorting through my clothes really carefully as I want to save space. I had a load of new storage bits arrive from Argos sale today. Got to spend the front end of tomorrow going through and re-homing everything. Need to be brutal with clothing as I have too much biggish stuff again, need to keep on top of making sure I don't have baggy clothes to eat my way bigger in!

Another day on points, but not *brilliant* food - I did enjoy those biscuits for a snack though, not had biscuits in over a year. Needed some gluten free ones for our fridge cake today, and had 5 left over to share with Kai.

They weren't bad! Ham salad for lunch meant enough ProPoints left for a decent wedge of chocolate fudge fridge cake. ^_^

Going to have some freefrom shortcake fingers as a snack tomorrow, but otherwise eat 'proper' food, as I need to be fuelled well for my run in the evening, as well as get my dips done. Then have gym Friday, run Saturday and get out for a walk/gym again on Sunday. Enough slacking!!

Plan for tomorrow - put up all new storage stuff and pack away clothes/dvds/photos etc. Do dips. Run. Eat well.

27/27 ProPoints
2 litres
4 miles

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