Sunday, January 20, 2013


So much snow! The kids have LOVED it. We've gone sledding, made a snowman, laid in it to make snow angels and gone for runs in it..

It's Been Fun.

But the food - eekz. I've not tracked for the whole weekend, and worse, I've eaten CRAP.

Even worse. I've inadvertently eaten wheat gluten. Having a horrid gut reaction to it too. Reckon iot was in some granola I had Saturday evening & again Sunday morning.

But then resisting eating ALL THE FOOD once I realised, that was hard. It feels, at the time, that eating more will ease the pain. It's not true, and this time I didn't fall for it. Which I'm glad of now.

Did get out during the day though, took the kids down to the park and went sledging, so much fun to see all 4 of them going down together. ^_^

2.95 miles

Saturday night I was in agony. Kept waking through the night needing to poo, had really gnarly IBS and wind like DEATH. Really disgusting and painful. Up every 10 minutes between 3-5am with gutache.

Sunday - was full of stench-nasty wind, burping acid breath and sharting joint aches.. Not well. Constant pain interspersed with heartburn and a 'stitch' like feeling in my ribs.

Went out and ran anyway, in fact while I was moving I felt better. Stoopid autoimmune issue. Did 2.5km with Maya, who coped brilliantly considering the snow/cold!

2.55 miles

This weekend was bad. A real reminder of why I need to not eat like this. I didn't binge, but I didn't eat to fuel my body. I've hurt myself and I'm annoyed that the loss I should have had this week, is bloated away.

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