Sunday, January 06, 2013

Where there's a Wii there's a way...

Saturday morning the halflings all slept past when we'd needed to leave to get to ParkRun, so instead we watched lots of 90's kids tv shows as it was the CITV 30th birthday weekend. Later on I bought them all a pair of running shoes in the Sports Direct sale. Going to start taking them out a couple times a week and running c25k with them, the aim being to have them ParkRun ready in March/April.

I have a mild but annoying cold, just feel a bit weak, throat scratchy and bunged up. Running last night was really NOT something I wanted to do. I did drag myself out though, and felt good for it. The final c25k run completed, and 7.5 miles run this week, 18.7 left to do for the month. Woohoo.

After not managing to get to the gym as planned Friday, and Sam working Saturday, I'd decided to go Sunday morning to Oxted, using the train.

Of course come this morning, there are no trains to Oxted.. ugh. There are replacement buses, but that will add an hour to my morning, an hour I do not have, because I need to clear out and dispose of a giant cupboard that is dangerous. I read a particularly terrifying blog entry from a mother who lost her child after unsecured heavy furniture fell on her. Had to remove this cupboard immediately and that left no time for gym before going out with Seth for his promised one-on-one afternoon with me.

I got the cupboard sorted, showered and headed out with Seth for a Nando's meal and cinema to see Breaking Dawn 2 (he was not coping with not seeing the finale on the big screen, after having seen 3 others there).

Had a lovely time chatting and playing with him, and got in and spent 2 hours making a 3d puzzle all together.

By 8.30pm I knew I *had* to get on and do some exercise. So I did my dips, much to the kids amusement, and then did some Wii Fit.

Week 4 Day 3 Level 3 : Total Reps - 205
Sets - 37, 42, 37, 37, (52+)
performed +5 on last set - Total Reps - 210

Am remembering why I bought that Wii Fit now, came in really useful and Hula Hooping for 10 minutes straight made me SWEAT!! Going to be sure to remember it's an option in times like this - it meant I earned the activity points I would have at the gym, and while I couldn't do strength training, I did my cardio, then some Yoga/Pilates.

I hadn't been on it in 447 days!! That's since the beginning of OCTOBER 2011!! I'd reached the low of 184lbs on my birthday the week before, but after doing the shred all September everything fell apart and I put the weight back on until I weighed 3.5 stone MORE 8 months later.

So it was good to see this today -

Really looking forward to getting back to routine this week. Tomorrow at the scales should be good - hoping for 2lbs this week, which will mean 7.5lbs off in the 3 weeks since last meeting.

Saturday -
27/27 ProPoints
2 litres
4.2 miles

Sunday -
27/27 ProPoints
2 litres
3.5 miles


  1. Wooo go youuuu!
    That Wii Mii is looking lovely, as are you! I need to get on mine, I keep putting it off. My reason of the moment is needing to find the rechargable batteries. A lame excuse indeed!

    1. Mine is about one more use away from battery death - must go buy more as I *need* to earn that silver piggy!!