Friday, February 15, 2013

Back at the gym ^_^

After starting to think about gym changing yesterday, I got a reminder email from my current gym that my membership runs out on March 2nd.

Went online and found that the LA Fitness gym has a 3 day free trial, so I sent an email, then phoned through to book in. Saturday morning I am going to go have a look around and see how I like it. I have to meet with someone, and register, but hope that then I can go to look around. I'm wanting to stick to the gym floor and see what 'fast classes' are. Like the idea of mini-classes mid routine! Can't get there on Sunday, but with no Beavers on Monday (half term) I am going to go to a spin class (huge bonus, one thing I feel sad at is no spin class, did one ONCE 10 years ago and loved it) in the evening and hope that I like it there.

If my parents/brother aren't going to our gym anymore, the price of train fare makes it cost twice as much. This gym has cheaper fees £17 less a month, and I'd use the bus, cutting travel costs by £12 a month. I don't like the idea of being tied to a 15 month contract, but if I want membership, I'll have to suck it up. It's still going to be cheaper than my junk binge-eating used to be!!

The Shred-It with Weights DVD arrived in the post today. I'm a little scared to look at it yet. May use it over the summer break between kettlegirls classes. Scary Jillian is scary.

Kettlebells class was good. Despite missing last week, I kept up fine - even upped my weight. Am very glad that I'd done the home workouts to keep me strong. We added snatches and cleans tonight, one last move to learn next week, and then a week revision and I'll have completed level 1. Going to book in on level 2 next week.

27/27 ProPoints
2.25 litres
3.4 miles


  1. That's the thing about gym memberships, committing for long time makes it so much cheaper but will be worth it as means you cant just "cancel" it and will continue for that amount of time at least

    1. Oh yeh - I get that it's worth it in that sense - although, I have been going on average 3x a week for 6 months now, and have no desire to cancel my rolling monthly membership. The reason the tied-in contract is a worry for me is financial. My husband has been made redundant 3 times in 4 years. Knowing that worst case scenario, I won't be tied to unaffordable payments, is necessary for my mental wellbeing!!