Thursday, February 28, 2013

Drawing a big FAT line under it

Last week was fail. Since mid-January I've been in a funk, pulling myself through one week, then overeating, and going mad for carbs the next. Fallen out of my regular workouts, and just feel like I'm doing nothing right.

I need to sit down and strip it back to fundamentals. Which is kind of what February/s theme was, so coming to it as late as possible, within the month..

So, bad week saw 7lbs on. Mostly because I ate and ate and ate, (including flapjack mix, and I know the oat gluten is not a good thing in my system).

previous weight - 173 BMI 29.7
current weight - 180 BMI 30.9
gain - 7lb
% gain - 4.05%

10 weeks to go until my GetReadyForEddie goal, I need to get back on it. While managing a 3.5lb loss every week is a bit of an unrealistic goal, to be more than halfway there isn't.

I've lost my pedometer, but that doesn't mean I can't walk. I've stayed wheat free, I've done 2-3 lots of exercise a week, and I can pull it back up to where I need to be.

Monday and Tuesday I sucked. I ate all my weekly points over those two days, and made and ate more flapjack. I am not ordering more oats for the time being, it's become a big trigger food for me.

Yesterday I felt rough, and realised that I really needed to scramble back up from over that ledge. Instead of going out to a gig I had tickets for, and eating crap while in London/drinking etc.. I went to the gym. My amazing friend Jayne had put together some core/ab exercises for me to do instead of crunches, and as I was finishing off in the weights section, the email came through. Last nights workout was a good'un. Welcome back to consciousness muscles.

Cycle (atw) 20min lvl 6 - 9.05km
Treadmill  hill 10 minute 1.05km

Shoulder press 20kg 3x12
Fly  42.5kg 3x12
Leg press 70kg 3x12
Leg extension 45kg 3x12
Adductor 35kg 3x12 l5
Abductor 56kg 3x12
Pulldown 40kg 3x12

Static plank 3x 45 seconds
Renegade rows 3x8 (each arm)
Mid cable wood chop 3 x 8 each side 5kg with a single hand grip handle
Russian twists w/medicine ball 16 taps in all 3 sets
Reverse curls on a bench  3x16

Woke up this morning feeling nicely warm, ready for kettlebells tonight, my last session before I can 'graduate' up to level 2.
Friday/Saturday I will gym and run the next b210k run. Sunday I will do kettlebells at home. Monday morning I *will* go and weigh in, and stop freaking out because the leader is different. I've had my hissyfit, time to get these next 4 stone shifted.


  1. aw you didn't go to the gig? would have been ace cardio...

    1. Ha, it would! But no, I'd eaten those oats and spent the afternoon wigging out, feeling sick/faint. Figured if I died at the gym, I was close to home with people I knew. Kings Cross alone doesn't feel safe to go pass out at!
      I did listen to WTM while working out though, they are fab ^_^