Friday, February 01, 2013

February - Fundamentals

Getting Back To Basics

A month ago I sat down and spent some time making thought-out goals, and plans for them. I looked at *how* to make them happen. I felt happy with them then (if a little nervous) and a month in, I feel they're are as achievable, and am happy with how and why I'll do them.

Today we begin February with 13in13, and the theme is 'fundamentals'

February's challenge is about thinking simple. When you get caught up in nutritional information and fitness jargon it's so easy to let go of the basics. We know what we need to do in the majority, we know how to move forward but sometimes we over complicate it. Same with life really. 
So think about what YOUR basics are and cut through the rubbish to get to them. Remind yourself how they can help your goals. 
My basics are 
  • weightwatchers meetings and propoints system for tracking food in.
  • keeping really active - gym 3-4x week, run 2-3x, classes 1-2x.
  • no wheat.
  • hydration.
It is that simple. Go to weightwatchers, stick to my ProPoints. Run/gym every day, take aquafit & kettlebells classes. Do not ingest wheat. Do drink h2o.

Doing the above I lose fat, gain strength, happiness and mental balance. I feel like I have MORE time to do life with when I make time for health.

Make sure you take a look at your goals and your progress too.  How have you done so far, what are you attacking first, what goals are feeling good? Any challenging you too much? Early days I know, but think carefully about what you want and how you are doing it to keep yourself at it every month. 

I had a quick look at my goals and progress in my last post. So far, so good, pretty much. The basics being set in place by having s.m.a.r.t. plans and the rest is just doing it.
I spent a long time plotting my goals by month, to try and give enough time and preparation to each.

This month I want to complete the 150 dips program. I am on the final week now, but know it may need doing 3-4 times before I can do 150 with no rest break.
The basics are to eat well, rest well, stay hydrated and do the dips 3x a week.

I am slotting them in on non-gym days, and will aim to get them done in the mornings (especially on Thursdays, need those arms recovered for doing bicep/shoulder/tricep 5 minutes with the weights!)

  • Monday - Gym, Aquafit.
  • Tuesday - Dips, 20 mins kettlebells, Run.
  • Wednesday - Gym.
  • Thursday - Dips, Kettlebells.
  • Friday - Gym.
  • Saturday - 20 mins kettlebells, Run.
  • Sunday - Dips.
Following the above routine will keep things easy. No planning, just do. My fundamental activity map for the week. There's room to shift things about if there's need, but on the whole I should be able to keep to it. Then I'll be getting in cycling and swimming towards my triathlon, running ready to build to 10k over the next couple months, and completing my kettlebells class.

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